Trust us when we say you’ll be hard pushed to find a better place to start that in Belgravia. This historic and charming location is a jewel in the capital’s crown and is worthy of everyone’s time and attention.

In its enviable location, Belgravia is within easy reach for everyone and has something to offer even the most captious daytripper. Allow us to take the stress out of planning the perfect day with our guide to going solo in Belgravia.

Solo in London

Not every experience has to be shared with other people. Sometimes it's nice to move to our own beat and see where life takes us. And there is no better place to enjoy a little alone time and shake off the stress of other people's schedules than in this fantastic capital city.

With such an amazing variety of things to do alone in London, it's difficult to know where to begin. Unfortunately, many visitors squander opportunities and find that time is not spent wisely when exploring the capital. It's easy to while away the hours meandering from place to place without a plan. But the end result is rarely a satisfying one—just sore feet and a vague recollection of seeing a famous landmark at some point. Our advice is to form a plan of attack and set our sights on a specific destination. From there, we can make the most effective use of our time as we take in the best that the area has to offer.

Black Sheep Coffee

Location: 6-10 Elizabeth Street, London SW1W 9RB
Price: £10+

Anyone that loves their morning coffee with a cool hipster vibe should head over to Black Sheep Coffee. They have locations across the capital and that includes Belgravia too. The coffee shop is super friendly and is also happy to see your pooch join you at the table. They serve specialty-grade Robusta beans for that extra special deep flavour and a subtle kick that sets us up for the day. There is also a great range of smoothies, shakes and even Belgian waffles to enjoy.

MasterPeace Creative Studios

Location: 12 Eccleston Yards, London SW1W 9NF
Price: £3+ (donation based class) £30+ (regular class)

Located in Eccleston Yards, the MasterPeace studio is one of Belgravia’s most popular attractions for art lovers. Just 4 minutes from Victoria Station and an easy walking distance from other tube stations, it’s easy to find and conveniently situated.

The team of 20 artists and creatives run mindful experiences every day that are available to enjoy both at the studio and at home too. It’s even possible to arrange for MasterPeace to organise a workshop at the office.

The focus here isn’t so much on creating a work of art to rival the greats. Instead, we’ll learn skills to help improve the creative results but also enjoy the process at the same time. Painting can be incredibly stressful and MasterPeace aims to reverse that.

Through mindful creation, not only can we enjoy one of the most incredible things to do alone in London but we can also put ourselves in a better mood for the rest of the day.

London Cryo

Location: 15c Eccleston Place, London
Price: £75+

The London Cryo clinic offers a range of treatments through innovative cold therapy. Using cold temperatures in medical and cosmetic therapy is a fast way to accelerate the body's natural recovery. It’s a non-invasive procedure for lowering the skin temperature to help alleviate issues within the body. There is a range of benefits and treatments available at London Cryo.

Sports recovery is there to aid improvement from injuries. They can help muscle and tissue injury by reducing inflammation and improving blood flow. Check out the Normatec compression therapy as well for sports issues.

Pain relief is available through a three-minute blast of endorphin-triggering cryotherapy. Do away with the ibuprofen and allow nature to work its magic. And aesthetically, cryotherapy can also be used to help with slimming and toning as well. They provide cryo facials to kill fat cells and release oxygen, which aids in collagen production. The result is a slimmer appearance and elimination of wrinkles.


Location: 45 Elizabeth Street, London

ME+EM is an iconic fashion store on Elizabeth Street in London’s Belgravia. The luxury, British designer clothing brand has an individual and elegant style. And it’s a place where functional design meets expert craftsmanship providing incredible pieces for every wardrobe. And this luxury quality all comes at a fair price; they feel it’s important to make affordable high-end fashion realistic. Being at the height of fashion in central London just became more achievable for everybody.

Visit the store and have a chat with knowledgeable assistants who really know their stuff. They’ll be able to guide you on your fashion choices and help you purchase the right items for your look.


Location: 19 Motcomb Street, London SW1X 8LB

Anyone wondering what Pantechnicon is before visiting is definitely not alone. What we have here are 5 stories of Japanese and Nordic dining along with shopping, workshops and events. If that isn't an eclectic mix, then we don't know what is! It is the latest masterpiece to grace the London streets and it does so on a grand scale.

The location owner, Barry Hirst, set out to achieve a bond between Japanese and Nordic cultures through food and various shops. The ground floor presents London's first Café Kitsuné which is the same group behind Maison Kitsune that has coffee shops in Tokyo and Paris. Here in Belgravia, the cafe will present breakfast and lunch with Japanese salads and pastries.

Beyond that is Sachi, a Japanese restaurant with 30 covers. We can also pay a visit to Sakaya, which is a bar and bottle shop that sells a range of Japanese spirits and other goods.
Moving up to the second floor is Eldr, and this is where Nordic cuisine comes into mention. 70 covers enjoying pickling, foraging and plenty of fire brings the great outdoors from the fjords to the table in the heart of Belgravia. The Nordic restaurant is run by a Finnish head chef because why not, right?

And on the third floor, there is a roof garden and dining room with a fantastic retractable glass roof to protect customers from the elements whilst you sip away on a delectable drink or two.