Black Sheep Coffee

In 2013, our co-founders Eirik and Gabriel decided to quit their jobs on the same day and rid the world of boring average-tasting coffee. Sourcing the first specialty-grade 100% Robusta coffee, they went against the market trends and became the ‘Black Sheep’ of the coffee world, continuing that ethos throughout the brand.


6-10 Elizabeth Street, London

Combining a passion for coffee and a mission to take down the big corporate chains, Black Sheep Coffee have preserved the independence of the brand by harnessing support and funding from their own customers and those who believe in the values of the company.

Beyond Black Sheep Coffee’s 100% specialty grade Robusta, a selection of four different specialty Arabica coffee beans are offered; Love Berries, Blue Volcano, Rebel Decaf and Seasonal Limited-Editions. At Black Sheep Coffee, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in store or at home.