Founded by Adem Oygur, who has over 15 years experience in the industry, ADEM brings together Oygur’s scrupulous hairdressing skills with his unique organic product range.  Alongside building an impressive hairdressing career, Oygur has also pioneered creating his own rejuvenating, organic products produced using hazelnuts harvested from his family’s farm. Here Oygur discusses how his sustainability journey began and his plans for the future…

How did ADEM’s sustainability journey begin?

Growing up on a hazelnut family farm meant that much of my “free-time” was spent planting, nurturing, harvesting and processing hazelnuts. I grew up experiencing the resilience and benefits of this super-nut on hair, skin and general well-being. I instinctively knew I had to share the goodness with my clients so I’ve developed a range of specially formulated hair and skin care products made with extracted hazelnut oil picked on my family farm.

Where do you source the ingredients for your products from?

My family farm occupies 150 acres of agricultural land in Divaniturk, 800km east of Istanbul. This region is the world’s largest hazelnut producer with perfect growing conditions for cultivating the highest quality varieties of hazelnuts. The hazel tree and its nut have been harvested by humans for thousands of years and included in a range of important products, from pastries to skin care. Hazelnuts are our hero ingredient, grown on my family farm and delivering an abundance of hydrating and moisturising qualities through the carefully curated, salon-standard products.

How do you make your products?

Our hazelnut oil is produced from shelled and cold pressed hazelnuts and it takes about 2.5kg of hazelnuts to produce one litre of oil. Our hazelnuts are imported from our farm in Turkey to the UK (Sussex) where it is processed and turned into usable products.

Why is being sustainable important to your brand?

Growing up with the hazelnut farm and moving to London really showed me the power is within us as people to make a difference. It could be one small change that can help us live a longer and happier life.

What is next for ADEM and their sustainability journey?

Over the next 5 years we are expanding our land and we plan to plant over 10 million new trees.

What would be your top tip for making your beauty routine more sustainable?

Keeping things simple, the moment we add more and more ingredients and objects to things, we lose focus of why we’re doing it in the first place. Keeping your choice of products natural as possible, as close to earth and plants as we can. The benefits are endless. Everything on earth has a natural and balancing benefit to our everyday lives.

ADEM is located at 61 Ebury Street, SW1W 0NZ. For more information visit