We chatted to Alex Piludu, Head Chef at Charles Finch’s chic Belgravia outpost of Chucs.

Situated on the corner of Eccleston Street and Ebury Street, the menu includes an effortless blend of the finest Italian classics, alongside a spectacular 120 bin wine list that will impress the coolest of customers. Here, the Rome native tells us about his culinary inspiration and the best parts of his job…

What inspired you to become a chef and how did you get where you are today?

“I grew up in a small city close to Rome, on the seafront. With the mountains right behind me, I was always surrounded by amazing fresh produce and what I ate, most of the time, never came from a supermarket shelf. A love for the job, commitment and hard work are the only ingredients you need for success in this industry.”

Tell us about your favourite aspect of working in your restaurant…

“Working with my lovely team.”

What’s your go-to dish to make at home in the autumn?

“It would have to be a slow cooked dish, whether stove top or braised in the oven. Nothing is more comforting than a bit of sticky braised beef with a dollop of smooth, buttery mash. It may sound boring but, if a dish is well made, it never is when you eat it.”

Where’s your favourite place to go in Belgravia (not including your own restaurant!)?

“If I cannot choose Chucs Belgravia than I don’t have one… just kidding! I’d go for Zafferano, which offers simple but well-made Italian food. I’d also love to try Muse by Tom Aikens but I haven’t had the chance yet.”

What’s the most memorable meal you’ve ever had?

“I have been lucky enough to have many memorable meals around the globe, although, if I had to choose one, I’d go with a 12 course truffle lunch in Alba Piedmont. Every course was very simple yet perfectly balanced and paired with a specific variety of truffle. Two of the dishes were actually the inspiration behind one of my signature dishes currently on the menu Chucs Belgravia (a truffle risotto so good William Sitwell wanted to take it home as ‘proof of perfection’)! A proud moment.”

Discover Chucs Belgravia at 22 Eccleston Street, London, SW1W 9NP.