Sarah Bradden is the renowned cosmetic acupuncturist behind ‘The Bradden Method’, a unique facial treatment available exclusively at Hershesons Belgravia. The Bradden Method combines facial acupressure massage, LED Light Therapy and ear seeds to help calm and soothe the mind while instantly improving skin texture and tone. In this Q&A Bradden shares her top tips on how to get your skin wedding-ready so you look and feel your best on your big day. 

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Please can you share details of ‘The Bradden Method’

Described as a ‘spiritual reset and facelift, The Bradden Method is a bespoke treatment rooted in traditional Chinese acupuncture, enhanced by modern technology, that I’ve designed to heal each individual based upon my understanding that everyone’s story and symptoms are different.  Including cosmetic acupuncture to sculpt, tighten and reduce visible signs of ageing, LED light therapy to stimulate a more radiant appearance, and a bespoke prescription of acupressure ear seeds, the treatment works in harmony to stimulate truly transformative physical and emotional results.

I’ve recently launched The Bradden Method Boost which is a 40-minute condensed version minus the acupuncture which is perfect for brides-to be who don’t have much time but want to feel and see improvements ahead of their big day,

What is the best piece of advice you would give to a bride-to-be looking to achieve glowing skin for their big day?

Feeling and looking our very best is such an important part of the day and the trick is to make improvements on both the inside and outside because no matter how many different products you use on your skin, a combination of nutrition, hydration and facial massage are vital to helping you stimulate that all-important wedding day glow, and the sooner you can incorporate all three as part of your everyday the more you’ll see a big difference.

Our internal organs directly affect how we look and feel so adding more zinc and essential fatty acids to your diet will help to repair and rejuvenate while cutting out (or at least minimising) refined sugar, caffeine and alcohol will help to improve your skin’s texture and tone.  I don’t ever advocate extreme diets or denying yourself treats however making those sensible changes really helps to brighten your skin and eyes.

Alongside diet, daily facial exercises and facial massage really help to tone and lift the skin.  You can do this at home before cleansing or practise easy facial exercises at your desk – neither one takes long.  One of my favourites is the Brow Lift – Use your index fingers to work along the brow. First, press up and hold for a count of five on the inner end of the brows. Next, move to the arch of your brow, press up and hold, then switch to the outer end of the brow and repeat. Do it three or four times and you’ll see how quickly your muscles respond. It’s a good eyelid lift as well – and a great de-stressor, as we can hold a lot of tension here.

Above all, relax and breath.  Stress does the most damage to our skin and so instead of worrying what ‘could’ go wrong, focus on the meaning of your marriage and enjoy every step of planning.  Remember nothing shines brighter than that of a big happy smile!

How far in advance of your wedding should you begin prepping your skin?

Ideally you should start six months before your big day if you want to see a real difference.  Improving your skin’s health is an investment in terms of time and routine especially if you incorporate specific therapies or treatments – there’s no such thing as a ‘quick-fix’ especially if you are trying to reverse years of sun damage or want to address pigmentation etc.  While each of my brides-to-be have a different skin care need, I usually recommend regular treatments in the final 12 weeks which is the time it takes for our cellular cycle to repair meaning you’ll see a vast improvement and achieve that magic glow inside and out!

How should you prep your skin on the morning of your wedding day?

Give yourself enough time to thoroughly cleanse your face and follow with a firm facial massage.  Never drag the skin so use a balm based cleanser or serum to ensure that your hands and fingertips move easily across your face and neck using upward movements.  This instantly stimulates blood flow and oxygen which helps plump up skin to give you the glow you want and also creates a healthy and hydrated base ready for your make-up. To define and sculpt your cheekbones, use your index finger to press the point either side of your nostrils and work the fingers under and along the cheekbone to the ears, then repeat up to five times. We have a lot of lymph nodes here, so this helps to remove any puffiness while also creating lift. You can use one finger or two – whatever feels best for you.

What would you advise brides against when getting their skin wedding-ready? 

Avoid making any last-minute changes to your skin care routine and stay away from invasive treatments in the final lead up to your big day.  The last thing you want is a bad reaction to a new product or treatment.  Also, try your best to eliminate any unnecessary stresses so that you face looks and feels relaxed.  Afterall, this will be one of the happiest days of your life so let it show.

The Bradden Method Boost is available exclusively at Hershesons Belgravia. For the Belgravia Wedding Showcase Sarah Bradden is offering a 20% discount on the Boost treatment when you book online. Use the code GLOW20 to redeem (valid until Friday 6th May). To book your appointment click here.