Tucked inside glitzy Belgravia is Eccleston Yards – an urban oasis where London’s creatives, health and wellbeing gurus, techies and more come to work, meet and relax. It’s incredibly beautiful, too. Eccleston Yards is filled with brickwork courtyards, hanging gardens, and pretty water features, making it a wonderful place to spend a sunny day.

Getting to Eccleston Yards is easy, thanks to Belgravia’s central location. In this article, we’ll talk about how to get to Eccleston Yards, starting with where it is and then giving you all the transport options available.

Where is Eccleston Yards?

Eccleston Yards is located in the heart of London's Belgravia district, just a short walk from Victoria Station. In addition, it's surrounded by other popular London areas, such as Knightsbridge, Mayfair, and Chelsea.

It's also a few moments away from other famous streets in Belgravia: Eccleston Street, Eccleston Place, Elizabeth Street and Ebury Street. That means you can fill your day with exploring some of London's best shopping, dining and attractions.

Finally, if you're coming to London by coach, you'll be pleased to know that Victoria Coach Station is just around the corner on Elizabeth Street.

How to get to Eccleston Yards by Tube

One of the cheapest and most convenient ways to get to Eccleston Yards is by taking the London Underground. The area is served by five different tube stations, all within walking distance.

The closest tube station to Eccleston Yards is Sloane Square, which is just a one-minute walk away. Sloane Square is served by the District and Circle lines.

Victoria Station is also nearby, just a seven-minute walk from Eccleston Yards. You can take the Victoria, District and Circle lines to Victoria Station.

If you're coming from Heathrow Airport, you can take the Piccadilly line to Hyde Park Corner station. It's a 15-minute walk from there to Eccleston Yards. Don't worry though - you'll hardly notice the walk thanks to all the beautiful London sights you'll see on the way!

Pimlico station is another option, and while it's further out than other tube stations, it's still only a 16-minute walk from Eccleston Yards. Pimlico is served by the Victoria line. Along the way, you'll pass by the world-famous Tate Britain art gallery.
Finally, if you're coming from Gatwick Airport, you can take the Gatwick Express train to Victoria station and then follow the signs for Eccleston Yards. The journey from Gatwick Airport to Victoria station takes about 30 minutes.

How to get to Eccleston Yards by Train

You can also hop on a train to get to Belgravia and Eccleston Yards. The area is served by three different train stations: Victoria, Sloane Square and Pimlico. In addition, they make several stops throughout London, so you can easily hop on a train no matter where you're coming from.

For the shortest path to Eccleston Yards, hop off at the Victoria stop. It's just a seven-minute walk from there to Eccleston Yards!

How to get to Eccleston Yards by Bus

Want to ride the bus to Eccleston Yards? You have numerous options! Several bus routes pass through the area, namely:

    • Bus Route 007
    • Bus Route 11
    • Bus Route 185
    • Bus Route 2
    • Bus Route 24
    • Bus Route 36
    • Bus Route 702
    • Bus Route 757

The bus stops are conveniently located near Eccleston Yards, too. Don't want to walk too far? Here are some of the closest bus stops to Eccleston Yards:

    • Victoria Coach Station: 2 min walk
    • Green Line Coach Station, Victoria: 4 min walk
    • Victoria Rail Station: 5 min walk

How to get to Eccleston Yards by Car

Driving to Eccleston Yards gives you more flexibility, especially if you want to check out some of the nearby attractions such as Madam Tussauds, Buckingham Palace, or the London Dungeon.

However, keep a few things in mind to make your drive as hassle-free as possible:

While Belgravia is accessible by car, Eccleston Yards itself is closed to traffic 24/7. This is a pedestrianised area, after all. Because of this, you'll need to plan ahead for parking.

Please note that Motcomb Street, another Belgravia thoroughfare near Eccleston Yards, is also closed to vehicle traffic between 12 pm and 12 am. So if you want to park there, go early to beat the crowds and the closures.

The good news is that there are several car parking operators in the area. You can choose from Q-Park Knightsbridge, NCP Car Park, and a few others.

How to get to Eccleston Yards by Bicycle

Eccleston Yards is big on fitness and sustainability, so it's no surprise that the area is very bicycle-friendly. In fact, bikers are given priority over vehicles! Unlike cars, there are tons of bicycle parking spaces available in and around Eccleston Yards.

One of them is the Santander Cycle Docking Stations. Ride your bike to one of these locations and park your trusty two-wheeler there. The docking stations are located in the following places:

  • Harriet Street
  • Sedding Street (Sloane Square)
  • Belgrave Square
  • Bourne Street
  • Eccleston Place
  • Ebury Bridge
  • Eaton Square
  • Elizabeth Bridge

As part of its fitness push, Grosvenor is also encouraging people to walk or cycle to Eccleston Yards. That includes offering bike parking right in the development! So grab one of the 72 cycle parking spaces in Eccleston Yards. They're covered, so you don't have to worry about bad weather.

Please note that the cycle parking spaces are only available during the development's opening hours. When the gates close at night, your bicycle will be locked in. In that case, just take the tube, bus, or train instead.

Getting to Eccleston Yards - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How far is Eccleston Yards from Belgravia? Not far, since Eccleston Yards is within the Belgravia area and on the boundary of Victoria! That makes it easy to get to, whether you're coming by train, bus, bicycle, or car. 
2. Is Eccleston Yards near Victoria Station? Yes, Eccleston Yards is just a seven-minute walk from Victoria Station. You can also take the bus or drive there. 
3. Where is the nearest bus stop to Eccleston Yards? The closest bus stop to Eccleston Yards is on Victoria Street, right outside the courtyard. 
4. What are the best ways to get to Eccleston Yards? There is no one-size-fits-all answer since the best way to get to Eccleston Yards depends on your location and mode of transportation. For example, if you're coming from Victoria Station, the best way is to walk since it's so close. However, if you're coming from further away, the train is a more direct option since you won't have to deal with traffic or parking. 
5. What's the fastest way to get to Eccleston Yards? Again, this depends on where you're coming from. If you're driving, take the M4 motorway and exit at junction 9. This will put you on the A3220, which leads straight to Eccleston Yards via the Royal Hospital Road. 
6. Can you park at Eccleston Yards? No, vehicles are not allowed to park or drive through Eccleston Yards. Instead, try the nearby parking areas, including pay-and-display bays.