A clinical and holistic therapist at The Light Centre in Belgravia, Tessa Bali specialises in a variety of practises, and offers tailored services to suit each individual. From clinical hypnotherapy, past life regression and timeline therapy, hypno-birthing, and aromatherapy massage, to Lomilomi Hawaiian massage, affirmation creation with Reiki healing, and ‘The Healing InSight Method for Belief Change’, Tessa currently works both in person and online, with clinical hypnotherapy and the Healing InSight Method working particularly well remotely, whilst Reiki is best practised one on one. Here, we chatted to Tessa about the benefits of her specialities and how they work…

What does the client gain from each session? 

Many new clients require just one session with me, for example if they have back or neck pain, this may be quickly resolved. Regular Lomilomi Hawaiian Massage will result in less physical and emotional, even spiritual blocks.

With clinical hypnotherapy, speed of results depends on the challenge that you are looking to overcome. This is decided on through consultation and challenges are prioritised and worked on one at a time. Sessions can be recorded and listened to daily in your own time, thus repeating the positive suggestions on the unconscious part of the mind, where belief-change happens.

With ‘The Healing InSight Method for Belief Change’, when a client has integrated their new belief well and continues to be aligned with it, they will find that they are better able to manifest what they want more of in their lives as a result of the belief-change process. This can be quite radical or subtle, depending on the belief and the motivation for change.

How and where did you train or get your experience?

I started mainly at Morley College when it taught therapies in 2010. I have trained with Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Gateway Workshops who offer many excellent CPD courses and training.

What is it about the treatments that you offer that you believe makes them stand out?

The therapies bolster our own ability to heal ourselves. I facilitate healing, supporting this with my knowledge of them, whilst giving time and space to focus on ones self-healing.

What do you love about working with the Light Centre?

The new clients that come through the Light Centre are very often health-conscious and know how to do self-care. I find that as they often do yoga, they often have good self-awareness and interest in giving themselves time and space for healing.

Book an appointment with Tessa Bali via the Light Centre here or call 020 7881 0728.

Light Centre, 9 Eccleston Street, London SW1W 9LX

Getting There: The Light Centre is a five minute walk from Victoria train and tube station.