Rosanna Bickerton qualified as a reflexologist in the UK in 1994, having studied the ancient method of promoting good health by working pressure points on the feet, hands and ears that correspond to different organs, glands or structures of the body. Here, she talks to us about her experience and her work with the Light Centre.

Tell us a little about the specialist treatments/ classes you offer, and if they’re in person or online, or both?

I first qualified as a reflexologist in 1994 in the UK, went on to study Chinese reflexology and further honed my skills in Beijing with Professor Hang of the China Reflexology Association in 2000. In 2009 I completed the fascinating Nerve Reflexology course with Nico Pauly; reflexology for patients in pain incorporating specific points for the central and peripheral nervous systems. So I incorporate Nerve Reflexology with Chinese Reflexology to suit my individual patients. Reflexology is a hands on treatment, so it is one to one and in person, can’t be done on line! Although I can do zoom sessions for very specific questions

What does the client gain from each session?

My governing body, Association of Reflexologists recommends six-weekly sessions initially for maximum effect. I have seen results very much quicker than this. From the first session, some improvement in symptoms but with regular sessions since the first one, very much better

What is it about the treatments that you offer that you believe makes them stand out? 

It’s the Nerve Reflexology, it’s amazing and so client focused. There are so many points on the feet I can choose from to assist each individual client for their very individual health issues, but the importance of a full medical history is key! 

What do you love about working with the Light Centre?

Many reasons – its location is easy for many of my clients from north, south or central London to get to. The room I work in is immaculate, very clean, calm and I have Anna as receptionist on Thursday mornings whose attention to my clients is wonderful. Nothing is forgotten.

Book an appointment with Rosanna Bickerton via the Light Centre here or call 020 7881 0728.

Light Centre, 9 Eccleston Street, London SW1W 9LX

Getting There: The Light Centre is a five minute walk from Victoria train and tube station.