Lutfiye Dookna trained with renowned mentors in the fields of Reiki, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy and clinical aromatherapy. During training, she came to understand and explore how, in certain circumstances, these different modalities can integrate and work together.

Tell us a little about the specialist treatments/ classes you offer, and if they’re in person or online, or both?

My treatments are available for Reiki, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy and clinical aromatherapy, or I can integrate elements from the different modalities to create a bespoke treatment plan for the individual. For example, I may use the practice of traditional Chinese medicine with craniosacral therapy, or begin and end an acupuncture session with Reiki – the combinations which are used really depend on each client’s needs.

All my treatments are offered in person, apart from Reiki which can be both in person or through distant healing; whilst in the comfort of home, powerful healing can take place, just as effectively as a hands-on healing. Relaxing in your own space, the Reiki clears, balances, and resets your energy.

What does the client gain from each session? 

My clients usually leave their sessions feeling that they have been heard in a non-judgemental way, supported, and cared for. They feel relaxed and free of the daily accumulated stress. My treatments empower and help them to feel more confident in their journey of recovery. They leave the sessions fully equipped to help their own body to heal.

My clients feel they are cared for, listened to, and respected in a non-judgemental way, which enables them to relax, ready to receive the full benefits of the treatment.

The expected time frame for results depends on the condition. Acute and moderate chronic conditions can see improvements from the first session onward, whereas persistent long-term chronic conditions may take longer to recover from, anything between 6 months to a year. Some moderate conditions can take up to 10 sessions to experience the big improvements.

The recovery time also depends on the patient’s ability to recovery and how much they can follow through with any recommended lifestyle changes, normally offered after the treatment. I support my clients between their appointments if they need help and advice. I also offer them 15 min. video consultations, to hear their concerns and provide them with lifestyle and dietary advice to speed up the recovery time.

How and where did you train/ get your experience?

I started meditating at the age of 17 and have been a member of a Reiki group ever since. I studied in the UK with renowned Masters in their fields and obtained qualifications over the last ten years in traditional Chinese medicine, facial acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, aromatherapy and Reiki. Read more about my qualifications here.

What is it about the treatments that you offer that you believe makes them stand out?

Since childhood I have been caring for family members, and my passion for healing has continually been growing stronger. During this time, I also had to deal with my own family issues, and the depth of the experiences gained enables me to connect with and empathise with my patients – I feel what they go through. Healing is my passion and so I love all aspects of my work in supporting others on their journey back to health.

My treatments are uniquely personal to each client as I bring my life experiences, intuition, relationships with patients and mentors, and diverse training, to create individual treatment plans and offer continuing practical support in their ongoing healing journey.

What do you love about working with the Light Centre?

I have recently joined the Light Centre and was impressed by how my application process was dealt with so diligently, efficiently, and smoothly. The person assisting in the application process was super helpful, I felt supported.

Now, being part of the Light Centre, that level of due care and professionalism can be seen in all aspects of their operation. They are well organised with modern facilities and user-friendly technology. The staff are polite, friendly, communicate clearly and are always on hand to assist. I can clearly see the passion they have about caring not just for patients but equally the therapists’ well-being.

Although being new, I immediately felt welcomed by and part of the team at the Light Centre.

To sum-up my thoughts on the Light Centre in one sentence – excellent therapist care, great facilities, and great staff and management carrying the administration responsibility, that allows for us all as part of the Light Centre, to deliver the best patient care possible.

Book an appointment with Lutfiye Dookna via the Light Centre here or call 020 7881 0728.

Light Centre, 9 Eccleston Street, London SW1W 9LX

Getting There: The Light Centre is a five minute walk from Victoria train and tube station.