Tell us a brief history of your brand – how it all began, what you do and your plans for the future.

After selling my first brand, Jo Malone London to Estee Lauder Companies and exiting in 2006 it didn’t take long for me to realise my passion for creating fragrance would never go away. I started working on another venture from my kitchen table which today is Jo Loves – a bath, body and candle collection inspired by moments and memories in life that I love. I want to change the world through the power of fragrance and that’s exactly what I’m doing with Jo Loves. I created the very first Fragrance Paintbrush in 2017. It was a completely new concept that’s now one of the things we’re most known for, as well as our entertaining in-store experiences which we can’t wait to start again once this crazy time is over.

How long have you been based in Belgravia?

As a sixteen year old, I had my first job as a florist in Elizabeth Street. Thirty years later, in 2013, life unexpectedly took me full circle and I opened the first Jo Loves boutique on Elizabeth Street – the very same shop that I once worked in. It’s such a special place for me where fragrance, experience and creativity come to life.

What is your favourite memory/anecdote in/about Belgravia?

I adore Elizabeth Street – it holds such fond memories for me. From my first job to my 49th Birthday present when my husband Gary handed me a box… of course, I thought it might be a lovely pair of diamond earrings but to my complete surprise, it was a little silver key. Couldn’t have been a new car because I don’t drive so what else could it be? It was the key to the very same shop where I had my first job at sixteen years old! That is where the Jo Loves journey began. Still to this day, I remember the subtle scent of tuberose and lilies, freesia and roses, alongside crushed green stems on the floor and the smell of twine and brown paper.

Where is your favourite spot in Belgravia?

I love sitting and having Sunday lunch with my family at my neighbours – The Thomas Cubitt. Elizabeth Street is full of shopkeepers who create with such passion – from Peggy Porschen and her delicious cakes, the best pizza at Oliveto, the most delicious ice cream at Olivogelo or the delicious breakfast at Tomtom coffee, to name a few. There is a little bit of food, fashion and fun in Elizabeth Street.

What is it that makes Belgravia so unique?

I would say the people. From the wonderful residents that support us as shopkeepers, to the shopkeepers with all their creativity. We also have an amazing service industry – Walden Chemists and the vets. We are a wonderful community that look after each other through good and bad times and I am so proud to call them our retail family. One of my favourite moments is our December street fair where everyone always brings the best of themselves. From the choir singing carols, the amazing street food to the wonderful festive stalls selling beautiful product. It is a highlight for me, and I so hope with all my heart we will be doing it this year.

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