Millions of people from all over the planet are starting to come around to the belief that meat isn’t always the best option. Plant-based diets are now incredibly popular and nowhere else in the world is it easier to get your hands on some delicious serving suggestions than in our great capital. 

You can find vegan food in London across its wide variety of zones, and some of these establishments have been recognised with high praise and many awards. Our guide today will highlight five of the best options at your disposal.

Best Vegan Food in London

The best vegan food in London can always be found within the exclusive neighbourhoods of Mayfair and Belgravia. These two zones are up-market areas presenting top food choices for those in the know. Our job is to get you clued up on where to find fabulous plant-based alternatives, and you might find some of the suggestions a little surprising.

Wild by Tart

Location: 3-4 Eccleston Yards, London SW1W 9AZ

At a glance: A neighbourhood restaurant set within a multipurpose space.

Prices: Smoked Cheltenham Beetroot Hummus £9. Laverstoke farm burrata £19.

Website: Wild by Tart

Wild by Tart is a friendly and familiar neighbourhood restaurant that is set within a multi-purpose space that is great for various events. This converted power station site includes a restaurant, bar, event space, photography studio and retail store as well. It is an incredible concept that was brought to life by two founders Jemima Jones and Lucy Carr-Ellison.

The restaurant follows the ethos of making use of seasonal produce rather than sourcing ingredients from far afield. The menu isn’t strictly vegan but there are many plant-based options here to satisfy those who follow this diet. 

Some of our favourites are flatbreads with caramelised onions, aubergine with cashew satay and crispy shallots and tamarind glazed potatoes with coriander.

Neat Burger

Location: 36 Buckingham Palace Road

At a glance: Limited plant-based menu of all the right things.

Prices: Neat Burger £7.99. Neat Dog £7.99.

Website: Neat Burger

Neat Burger puts the planet first and produces some of the best vegan food in London. The team are intent on showing the public that beautiful burgers are possible using plant-based ingredients and it all began back in 2019 when they found a gap in the market.

The patties are made using beetroot, carrot, lemon, berries and turmeric to produce incredible colours and proteins are made up of peas, corn and rice. In addition to burgers, you can also find a plant-based alternative to hot dogs, salad bowls, and various tasty sides. It is all extremely reasonably priced with some of the most incredible flavours in town.

The Collins Room

Location: The Berkeley, Wilton Place, London

At a glance: Vegan and vegetarian menu options – but limited

Prices: Sweet Soy-Sesame Glazed Aubergine £29

Website: The Collins Room

This restaurant was created by acclaimed designer Robert Angell and has become a fashionable spot to enjoy all-day dining.

While the vast majority of the menu is made up of vegetarian or meat-based dishes, you can find a couple of exclusive vegan dishes here, including sweet soy sesame glazed aubergine. There is a fabulous selection of salads and french fries are also available. 

No.11 Pimlico Road

Location: 11 Pimlico Road, London

At a glance: Independent neighbourhood bar and restaurant.

Prices: Sweet potato and Spinach Falafel £18. Oven Roasted Aubergine £14.95. Simplicity Vegan Burger £14.75.

Website: No.11 Pimlico Road

No. 11 Pimlico Road sits in the heart of Belgravia and has a contemporary feel that is quite simply wonderful, making it a great place to socialise and enjoy a bite to eat. There is always a fantastic selection of music playing in the background to keep things feeling a little more lively than in some other establishments.

They also have a specific plant-based menu available for brunch and all-day dining, and some of our favourites include house-made granola and winter spiced porridge for the early risers. Later on in the day, you can’t go wrong with skin-on fries and spiced apple and raisin crumble.


Location: 10 – 11 Eccleston Yards, London SW1W 9AZ

At a glance: All-day dining with Latin American-inspired dishes.

Prices: Harvest bowl £14. Heritage Tomato and Fennel Salad £7.50

Website: Morena

Morena is more than just a coffee shop in the trendy Eccleston Yards of SW1W. While their home-roasted Colombian coffee beans are the reason that many people come to this destination, there is also a fabulous selection of snacks available as well. 

Some of the best vegan food in London is on display here at this eclectic site including the harvest bowl which consists of kale, quinoa, purple broccoli, Peruvian corn, purple potato, watermelon, radish and cashew coriander crema. It is a mixture of beautiful flavours with a number of fabulous health benefits.