Flowers are an integral part of wedding decor and setting the tone for your big day. Deciding on wedding flowers can seem like a daunting task with so much to think about and consider. Here, renowned luxury floral designer, Neill Strain, shares his advice on how to choose the perfect flowers to compliment your wedding day. 

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What are the key 2022/2023 wedding décor trends?

Wedding couples are becoming much more conscious of where flowers are coming from and want to ensure that the florist they are working with has a commitment to being sustainable. We buy directly from growers in Holland that are A+ rated in their sustainability efforts, using organic products and techniques for growing, re-using water, and even sourcing natural energy for heating.

Since the pandemic, we are also seeing couples choosing to have smaller, more intimate weddings, where they are investing more on the experience and the decor, as opposed to having large numbers of guests.

How do you ensure a couple’s personal style is reflected in their wedding flowers?

Wedding flowers are so personal to each couple, so we spend time getting to know their tastes and what specific flowers might hold more meaning to them. It is then our job to marry their personal style to that of the wedding venue, using our expertise to ensure there is cohesion with the style and colour palettes.

What are the most frequently asked questions you receive regarding wedding flowers?

It is the logistical questions that are most often asked, such as timelines and delivery, but when it comes to the creative design of the arrangements, we find that couples really look to us for our expertise and are entrusting in our suggestions. Couples know the aesthetic they like and will approach us to do their wedding flowers because they love our luxurious, opulent style!

Are there any flowers you would avoid when creating wedding décor?

I would avoid using Lilies in the bridal bouquet, as they are too big and have very dark pollen which would stain a wedding dress. A lot of people are also allergic to Lilies and the scent can be very overpowering.

How can wedding flowers be made more sustainable? 

Every stage of our production and creation of wedding flowers at Neill Strain Floral Couture is executed sustainably, from the growing of our flowers and logistics, to the floristry techniques and packaging. We have replaced the use of traditional floral foam with biodegradable foam and natural agra-wool, along with new techniques that require no foam at all.

We always encourage wedding couples to recycle their flowers and help them to arrange delivery to friends and family after the wedding. There is also a charity called Floral Angels which makes little bunches out of the arrangements and delivers them to people in the community who would not normally receive flowers.

What are your top tips for brides-to-be?

Use Instagram, Pinterest or other social media platforms to give you a first flash of inspiration and to help communicate your vision to your florist and wedding suppliers. Choose a florist or supplier whose style resonates with and excites you and be guided by them as they are the experts. Try to choose flowers which are in season when you are getting married and choose key areas to focus your budget to get maximum impact, particularly the “Instagram moment”, rather than trying to spread your budget too thinly.

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