Explore exotic and visit some of the best Asian foodie offerings in Belgravia.  Offering you the opportunity to spice up your life and understand the true meaning of zing, head to Belgravia when you’re looking for foodie adventure, off the beaten track.


Salloos Belgravia

Perfect Pakistan cuisine

Known for offering traditional Mughalai cuisine, Salloos is a family owned affair and is one of the most respected Pakistani restaurants in London.   Nestled in Belgravia, you’ll find the very best of Mughal cuisine, which dates back to when the Mughal Kings ruled the subcontinent back in the 16th century.  The cuisine is a wonderful synthesis of spices from the area blended with Persian and Arabic influences, which make the dishes as colourful as they are delicious.  These spices can be combined in endless ways, which gives a unique individuality to each and every dish.  You have to try the signature dish – tandoori chops – lamb chops marinated in herbs and spices before being cooked in the Tandoor.  There are also a wealth of vegetarian dishes from delicate Okra (during the British occupation of India, this vegetable was referred to as Lady’s fingers) to crisp vegetable kebabs. 64 Kinnerton Street, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 8ER www.salloos.co.uk

The Best Indian Restaurant Belgravia

Amaya Belgravia

Perfection on a plate

A visit to Amaya will make your taste buds glow.  This Michelin starred restaurant offers sophisticated grilled Indian cuisine and has been called a totally unconventional fine dining experience.  The food is prepared for sharing, served immediately and there are no first or main courses – which means there is more to share.  Choose from a dazzling variety of dishes including seafood, poultry, beef and game and there are also lots of vegetarian options to choose from.  Watch as your choice of ingredients is marinated with exotic seasonings and then cooked in full view in a hot clay oven, open grill, or searing hot iron plate.  If you’re looking for a gourmet adventure, then stop right here – you have arrived. Halkin Arcade, Motcomb Street, London SW1X 8JT www.amaya.biz


The Best Chinese Belgravia

Hunan Belgravia

Distinctively different

Hunan is not your typical Chinese restaurant.  The restaurant is known for not having a menu! Diners just tell their server what they don’t eat and how spicy they like it, and the chefs will do the rest.  Dishes are served in small tapas sized portions – made completely with your preferences in mind.  It’s almost like having your personal chef.  Hunan, is in fact, the name of Chef Peng’s mentor rather than the province itself, but you will also find some tasty dishes from the region, including double cooked pork and spicy aubergine.  This is a restaurant for the adventurous spirit who knows that good things come to those who are willing to experiment. 51 Pimlico Road, London SW1W 8NE www.hunanlondon.com


Our Favourite Japanese Restaurants Belgravia

Café Kitsuné

Taste Sensation

Part of The Pantechnicon, a five storey Japanese and Nordic themed development in Belgravia, the space is packed full of shops, eateries and creative spaces.  Café Kitsuné, on the ground floor is the only UK outpost of this global foodie phenomenon with other success spots in Tokyo, New York, Seoul and Paris.  The French patisserie style is married together with an eclectic Japanese twist and there is a glorious sun trap terrace seating area on the south facing façade. Start your day the Café Kitsuné way with a Japanese inspired breakfast – what about the caramel miso rice pudding brioche or a Shichimi and Bacon Roll for breakfast traditionalists everywhere?  The crab and soba green tea salad is a healthy lunch time pick me up and after work Japanese inspired cocktails are always a good idea. 19 Motcomb Street, London SW1X 8LB www.pantechnicon.com/cafe-kitsune


Uni Restaurant Belgravia

Eclectic Flavour

Come and indulge in a fabulous menu which offers a selection of grilled meats and fish alongside an inventive selection of tempura and maki, which capitalise on the flavours and colours of fresh, natural ingredients.  The Japanese vibe is perfectly teamed with a Peruvian influence for a taste explosion. Explore the flavours of Nikkei, an imaginative fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine –with standout dishes like butterfish Tiraditos, sweet shrimp and sea urchin ceviche and Wagyu beef tataki.  If you’re in a hurry, try one of the delicious seven dish bento boxes perfect for a quick work-day lunch or pre- theatre dinner.  Their extensive Sake menu complements Nikkei cuisine to perfection. You cannot leave without ordering a signature coconut based Chili Mojito or Pisco Sour. 18a Ebury Street, London SW1W 0LS www.restaurantuni.com