Adapted from Julian Fellowes’ novel of the same name, the Belgravia TV series is already being called the new Downton Abbey. Set in the most fashionable part of 19th century London, the series takes us deep into the scandals, dramas and daily lives of the British upper classes. The Belgravia TV series showcases the area’s stunning architecture and gives us a glimpse into what life behind these imposing doors might have been like.

Although set almost entirely in Belgravia, filming for the series took place across the country. Here are some of the stunning locations to explore if you want to get behind the scenes of this beautifully filmed show.

Basildon Park, Berkshire

The beautiful 18th century Basildon Park in Berkshire was slated for demolition after being requisitioned by the army in the Second World War. Luckily, it was saved from the bulldozers by Lord and Lady Iliffe in the 1950s, and was slowly brought back to life over the coming years.

The property’s stunning interiors made the perfect setting for the Trenchard’s London home and a number of scenes were filmed in the property. As well as providing a backdrop for Belgravia, Julian Fellowes’ TV series, the house played the part of Netherfield in the 2005 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.

Hopetoun House, Scotland

Situated on the outskirts of Edinburgh, Hopetoun House was built in the late 17th century and has been the home of the Hope Family ever since. Set in over 6,500 acres, the property is home to a working farm, a restaurant, an event space and a gallery. The grounds of the property are open to visitors for much of the year, giving you the chance to explore this stunning stately home.

In the Belgravia TV drama, Hopetoun House provided the location for the Trenchard’s family home in Brussels. Its impressive architecture makes its mark on each scene and helps to give the series its gravitas.

West Wycombe House, Buckinghamshire

West Wycombe House in Buckinghamshire has appeared in a number of films and TV programmes including Howards End (2017), The Crown (2019), Endeavour (2017) and Downton Abbey. In Belgravia, West Wycombe House is the setting for the Duchess of Bedford’s London townhouse. In one scene, the music room of West Wycombe was transformed for an afternoon tea party. This tradition was first popularised by the real Duchess of Bedford in the early 19th century.

Bath’s Assembly Rooms

Designed by John Wood the Younger in 1769, Bath’s Assembly Rooms provide the backdrop for the Duchess of Richmond’s infamous ball that opens the series. The ball took place on the eve of the Battle of Quatre Bras, just a few days before the historic Battle of Waterloo. The event was attended by the Duke of Wellington and many of his most important generals and went down as the most famous party in history.

The Assembly Rooms themselves have hosted a number of famous and notable events over the years. In the 19th century, they were the setting of some of the most fashionable parties in the area, and it’s likely that real-life Trenchards looking to make their mark on high society would have socialised there. Filming took place in the Tea and Octagon Rooms, both of which have stunning high ceilings and ornamental crystal chandeliers.

Moray Place, Edinburgh

Although Belgravia, Julian Fellowes’ TV series, is set in London, a lot of the outdoor scenes were shot in Edinburgh. Moray Place, located in Stockbridge, the Scottish capital’s answer to Chelsea, stood in for Georgian London. Moray Place boasts stunning 19th century townhouses, all of which have imposing façades, generous proportions and an authentic aesthetic.

The exterior of number 50 Moray Place was used as the scene for the Trenchard’s London home, while interior shots were filmed just down the road at 9 Moray Place. While not identical to Belgravia, this impressive row of houses is a good substitute for the grandeur and elegance of London.

Syon House, West London

Before filming Belgravia, Julian Fellowes had shot a number of scenes for Downton Abbey at Syon House. Situated in west London, the house has been owned by the same family for more than 400 years. Although it’s just a stone’s throw from the restaurants and pubs in Belgravia, Syon House feels a million miles from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Syon House was used to film a number of interior scenes, including shots from the Trenchards’ London Home. If you want to explore this stunning property, you can visit the house and grounds throughout the year and even hold your own parties and events at the location.

Hampton Court Palace, Richmond

The spectacular Hampton Court Palace in Richmond has long been a favourite location for period dramas. Films and TV series shot in the property include The Favourite (2018), To Kill a King (2005) and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011). One of the favourite palaces of Henry VIII, it was originally built in the 16th century and still has a number of Tudor features.

The grounds of Hampton Court stood in for several London parks, including Hyde Park and Green Park. In real life, Hampton Court is just a short journey from the Hotels in Belgravia, so make sure you pay this stunning property a visit next time you’re in the capital.

Wrotham Park, Hertfordshire

Wrotham Park is a Neo-Palladian mansion set in over 2,500 acres of beautifully manicured land. The property was used as the location of the fictional Lymington, the ancestral country home of the Earl of Brockenhurst. The property has previously been used in Gosford Park and The Crown, making it an old hand when it comes to period dramas.

With many of these properties within easy reach of the hotels and restaurants in Belgravia, London, they’re easy to visit for those staying in the area. Find out more about Belgravia, and the TV series set there, by exploring our site or getting in touch with a member of our team.

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