Visit the Silent Pool Gin pop-up bar in Eccleston Yards for a perfect Gin & Tonic or to get a bottle to take home!

The Silent Pool Gin bar will open on:

  • Monday 20 May: 12pm to 6pm
  • Tuesday 21 May: 12pm to 6pm
  • Wednesday 22 May to Sunday 26 May: 12pm to 8pm
  • Monday 27 May: 12pm to 6pm

Welcome to the world of Silent Pool Gin, where we encapsulate the very essence of the picturesque Surrey Hills, England. Our home is incredibly special, and you will find the distillery tucked away at the edge of the mystical Silent Pool itself.  Situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty, our distillery’s location provides us with a treasure trove of locally sourced ingredients, carefully integrated into our intricate gin recipe. 

 Let’s whisk you back to 2013: A group of friends happen on a gorgeous location known as the Silent Pool, deep in the Surrey hills, an area of outstanding beauty. This discovery sparked the birth of Silent Pool Gin, a brand that embodies the essence of its serene birthplace and the surrounding Surrey Hills. They convert dilapidated farm buildings into a working distillery with a restored vintage wood-fired steam boiler powering a hand-built copper still. They source local ingredients, exotic botanicals, and experiment with all kinds of recipes – sometimes failing, forever seeking, always refusing to compromise on quality. Until finally, they create a gin of rare taste and beauty. They christen it after its place of birth. Inspired by the crystal-clear waters of the Silent Pool, sourced from rainwater trickling down the North Downs hills, the gin captures the natural purity of its origin. The iconic teal blue colour of the bottle mirrors the pool's trademark hue, a result of the chalk bed that purifies and gives the water its stunning appearance. Immediately popular with locals, Silent Pool gin quickly acquires new fans, a large social following, and rafts of industry awards, amassing an enviable reputation across the world. Silent Pool Gin is classic gin at heart featuring over 24 botanicals. Full-bodied and fresh with depth, clarity and above all else, flavour. It’s a rich, clean, juniper-driven spirit with floral layers of lavender and chamomile. Fresh notes of citrus and kaffir lime are grounded with the subtle sweetness of local honey, creating a well-balanced gin that’s both traditional and refreshingly individual.

The Silent Pool distillery is not just about crafting exceptional gin; it's a commitment to sustainability. From solar panels generating power to a closed-loop glycol cooling system and boilers powered by hydrogenated vegetable oil and local sustainable forests, Silent Pool Gin strives for eco-friendly practices. Embracing its local community, the distillery supports beekeeping, sourcing honey from the village Beekeeper, that it’s used in our innovative distillation process providing its signature roundness. Provenance matters, and Silent Pool Gin's unique characteristics and sustainable practices set it apart. The Surrey Hills and Silent Pool location, steeped in nature shape the brand's identity.

The premium quality extends to the beautifully designed bottle, adorned with a handcrafted copper floral pattern and a satisfyingly heavy glass stopper. The gin's success is not only evident in its rapid growth and international recognition but also in its loyal consumer base and trade acclaim. Silent Pool Gin is more than a drink; it's a lifestyle.