Join Pantechnicon for their fourth and final sake supper club in this series, in which they’ll be exploring the sake, liqueurs and food of Japan’s Toyama prefecture: a place known for its UNESCO-listed villages, magnificent mountain ranges and gorges, and a diverse community of makers.

Start with a welcome Umesky cocktail, before moving on to tasting four incredibly distinct sake alongside a food pairing crafted by Sachi’s head chef, Collin Hudston.


A closer look at what you’ll be drinking:

Haneya Ginjo – The IWC 2021 Ginjo category winner

IWA 5 Assemblage 4 – An ethereal sake by Dom Pérignon’s fifth Chef de Cave

Sanshoraku Yamahai Junmai Daiginjo – A bold, savoury and rich sake created through one of the slowest and most traditional methods of sake brewing

Masuizumi oak barrel-aged Kijoshu – A style of sake not typically seen in the UK, this is similar to a dessert wine with hints of honey, caramel, roasted cashew nuts to name a few.

A closer look at what you’ll be eating:

Trio of kombu-jime sashimi, tomato tosa-zu

Langoustine, yuzu kosho, caviar

Braised wagyu, daikon greens

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