A joint show by sculptor Tom Hiscocks and painter Hester Van Wijngaarden will be showing from 1st – 20th December at Osborne Studio Gallery

Tom Hiscocks’ personal interests relate to constancy and change in nature, and to the layers of life and experience that make each of us who we are. In order to explore the ways in which he can reflect these ideas he makes most of his work in layers. Hiscocks aims for his work to change as the angle of the view changes to reflect the same way that we can change according to our state of mind and where we find ourselves.

Hester Van Wijngaarden works exclusively in oil on canvas and is known for her three favourite subjects: horses, bulls and elephants. Her style is principally based on light and form, and appears both contemporary as well as figurative. Abstract backgrounds are crucial to her paintings.

The exhibition is running from 1st – 20th December at Osborne Studio Gallery

2 Motcomb St, London SW1X 8JU

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