‘I founded the business in 2013, so this October will be our 10-year anniversary. We started as Pepa and Company but recently simplified to Pepa London, because it’s where the brand was born and where our flagship is located, here in Belgravia.

The brand is inspired by Spanish and English heritage. We create in small workshops with local manufacturers who we know personally, and 80 per cent of the garments are made in Spain.

Since two years ago my husband works for the company too, but at the start it was just me and an intern doing everything, which is the organic way to grow a company – you get to know all aspects of the business so well.

Now we are 15 people and there is a professional person in charge of every area within the company. Our office used to be behind the shop, but we then moved to a bigger space on Elizabeth Street as the team and company are growing so fast.

When I first came to Belgravia I thought that the street and our brand had so many things in common – the street is quintessentially British with a very trad, village atmosphere. It has so much character.

I love Beulah, Me+Em, Papouelli, the Thomas Cubitt and I’m excited for the pop-up of Love Brand & Co. There are all these great brands here that you can’t find on the high street. You really don’t feel like you’re in London when you’re on Elizabeth Street. As soon as I saw the postbox in front of our store I was so in love.

We have a lot of customers from the royal family, who live quite close and they come to the store. The Duke of Westminster Hugh Grosvenor’s mum loves our brand and she buys a lot – our clothes are great for gifting – but because I’m Spanish sometimes I don’t recognise well-known British people!

We love seeing our children looking like children at Pepa. For the current collection we took a lot of inspiration from photos from old family albums, which means vintage shapes and floral patterns that are very botanical.

I loved meeting Caryn Hibbert from the gorgeous Thyme in the Cotswolds, and seeing all her watercolour paintings. I was very inspired by that for our prints. Also the colours – the greens and yellows – we’ve brought that into the boys’ collection.

That was actually one of the first collaborations we did as a brand with Bertioli by Thyme last year. We were talking about maybe doing something with them again, as all the dresses sold out so quickly.

We are designing more and more in a gender neutral way in terms of both shapes and colours. I feel like girls can wear almost anything that we have – a boy’s sweater over a blouse for instance.

We want to bring a high quality product so our customers are not only buying for their own child – that garment will be passed to a sibling or niece and live on for the next generation. Almost like heirlooms that your grandchild will wear in 30 years.

It’s that idea of slow fashion and buying less, but buying better. Maybe you buy one or two dresses that your girl will wear every weekend and you really look after your clothes.’

Find Pepa London at 40 Elizabeth Street.