Enjoy the views of Belgravia’s stuccoed skyline from your Hari Suite at the Hari Hotel.

The eponymous Hari Suite can be found in the heart of Chesham Place. When it comes to square footage, this suite certainly wouldn’t be described as lacking. The top floor home from home has a living room with a deliciously well-stocked library, a cosy fireplace and the most stunning fresh flowers to brighten up even the greyest of days.

Adorned with plush velvet upholstery, modern art, a cosy fireplace and breath-taking views of London’s skyline, the spacious Hari Suite will be sure to make your stay a memorable one. An idea choice for guests looking for added comfort, privacy and space during their time at the Hari.

Sustainability is a big deal to The Hari. It’s reflected in the eco-friendly bathroom products and elsewhere like the consciously chosen complimentary mini bar snacks, including Two Farmers crisps with compostable packaging, fair-trade Seed & Bean chocolate and Awfully Posh baked peanuts in biodegradable pots.

For dining, the hotel is known for Italian Il Pampero and especially the restaurant’s famous cacio e pepe, but the more hidden gem is the covered garden terrace, which is the dream spot for a pre-dinner cocktail (or two). Included is a gym at the Hari with a Peloton, which provides an added incentive to get moving after the delicious pasta menu and cocktails the night before.