atis was developed to meet the demands of an evolving relationship with food. Today, food is a story of satisfaction, personal health, sustainable sourcing and community building – so much more than just the fuel and convenience of past times. atis resolved to create a space here in london that was truly reflective of the modern approach to eating. A space to serve plant-powered food that not only tastes delicious but reflects the common values of a growing global community: a community that thinks about sourcing, packaging, ethical relationships and the environment.  They call this ‘powerful food’: food that tastes good, and does good – for the body, the soul and the planet. Read on to find out what makes atis sustainable.

How did your sustainability journey begin?

From the beginning of atis, we have been on a mission to get people eating more plant-powered food. We believe the best way to do this is to give our customers flexibility – to offer a range of plant-powered options, with sustainably and ethically sourced chicken, eggs and cheese from suppliers we know and trust.

Why is being sustainable so important to atis?

It’s better for our planet, better for our bodies and, most importantly, delicious! Increasingly people are making the move towards a plant-powered lifestyle and we want to facilitate this transition.

What have you done so far to make atis sustainable?

By forming close relationships with our suppliers, from recycling with First Mile to compostable packaging and locally sourced produce such as Club Cultured Tempeh, we carefully select who we work with to offer the most sustainable offering possible.

What is your top-tip for making more sustainable choices when eating?

We like to think about producing plant-forward bowls/meals where vegetables can make up the majority of the offering. By doing so we hero our veg!

What are your future plans to keep atis a sustainable brand?

Our next project will be looking at developing our packaging further to make it even more sustainable than it is at present!

What are the benefits of following a plant-based diet?

By eating a plant-based diet you can help lower your carbon footprint and enjoy the incredible flavours and variety that veg-based options offer you.


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