Studio Pottery London is hosting a workshop dedicated to the Kintsugi method on Wednesday 28th September

Join the Studio Pottery London team on Wednesday 28th September to learn all about the Japanese craft, Kintsugi. The Kintsugi practice fosters the idea that a broken object can be repaired and made useful once again. The craft teaches the maker to break away from the obsession of perfectionism and instead to embrace imperfections.

Throughout this workshop, led by expert Akiko Matsuda, guests will learn about traditional Kintsugi which involves a variety of materials and techniques that allow the maker not only to repair ceramics but to also beautify their repairs with metallic embellishments.

The workshop is taking place from 10am – 1pm on Wednesday 28th September and is priced at £130 per person. For more information and to book your space email

Studio Pottery London is located at 29 Eccleston Place, SW1W 9NF. Just a 5-minute walk from Victoria tube and train station.