Mosimann’s is celebrating their 35th anniversary. Helmed by legendary chef Anton Mosimann and his two sons Philipp and Mark Mosimann, Mosimann’s Club is one of the most prestigious private dining clubs in the world. Continue reading to learn more about Mosimann’s and its history in a Q&A with Mark and Phillipp Mosimann.


When did Mosimann’s first open and how was it first received by the local community? 

We opened our doors in October 1988 to our membership community and at the time, there were far fewer restaurants in Belgravia than now, so guests and neighbouring businesses welcomed us and the arrival of Mosimann’s with open arms. We still have a fantastic relationship with our local businesses, there is a real community spirit!

How has Mosimann’s changed over the years? 

We have adapted to the needs of our clientele, whilst at the same time keeping and upholding the levels of food and service our guests have grown accustomed to. We have increased and diversified the number and type events we host at the Club, especially over the last few years.

Do you have any particular highlights over the past 35 years? 

There have been so many over the years, it’s really difficult to highlight only a few. Of course, the catering for Prince William and Princess Catherine’s wedding event at Buckingham Palace stands out as one of the most memorable! It was an incredible evening that will last with us forever!

What has been your biggest challenge over the past 35 years? 

There have been plenty of challenges to navigate over the years, by far the hardest has been the recent pandemic, however we were so impressed with the generosity and support of our members during that time! That really helped us get through some challenging times!

What’s the secret to the club’s longevity? 

Consistency, Quality, Adaptability. We work on these 3 guiding principles every day and they are at the forefront in the minds of our teams.

What are you doing to celebrate your 35 year anniversary? 

We have hosted two fantastic parties already in celebration. We invited all of our members to attend and they had an incredible evening, music, great food and some impressive cocktails! We have one more event planned for later in the year as well, watch this space!

Do you have any exciting plans for the future? 

We are working on a longer term refurbishment project of some parts of the building. Our food is constantly evolving without losing the essence of what we stand for. The international demand for event catering is growing as well, which is fantastic for the brand and international exposure. It has always been a dream to venture into the world of hotels too!