Luxury childrenswear designer, Pepa London presents its spring / summer 2024 collection ‘Summertime Adventures’ for ages 0-10 years.

With a focus on nature and the great outdoors, the collection encapsulates children embarking on a journey of exploration, adventure and memory-making with family and friends. Full of freedom and curiosity, the Pepa London collection is filled with pastel and cheerful colours, nautical styles and whimsical floral prints, designed to be versatile without compromising on elegant style.

The “GARDEN PARTY” story unveils an idyllic realm where children immerse themselves in play, fantasy, and joy. With a delightful pastel colour palette reminiscent of cherished tea-time sweets and treats, the collection incorporates elements such as flounces, stripes, floral prints, bows, and traditional handsmocking.

“SAILOR’S DAY” captures not only the experience of being on a sail boat but the overall ambiance of the seaside or coastal adventures. The collection incorporates formal navy stripes and nautical-style clothing, showeasing their versatility for any occasion.

The “WILDFLOWER MEADOWS” collection is woven together by the theme of sun-kissed nature, with a particular focus on the beauty of flowers which adorns handsmocked babywear, dresses, shorts and blouses.

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