The theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is loneliness. Because of this Re:Mind classes during the week will focus on loneliness, connection and community.

Re:Mind are offering visitors 8 classes in May for £120 (£15 per class). With 6 classes a day, you have 180 classes to choose from.

You can purchase your pack here and pre-book your classes for the whole month.

Please note: there are a limited amount of packs are available and is only valid during May. Packs can’t be shared or extended.

If you can’t commit to eight classes, during Mental Health Awareness Week you can bring a friend to a class for free.

You can only use these packs for class bookings during the mental health awareness week (9-15 May). Book here.

Once you purchase the special class you will receive a complimentary class on your account. You can use it to book yourself in twice and assign one of the spots to your guest.