Linley on Pimlico Road is hosting Tussie-Mussie, a major exhibition of works by internationally renowned artist Ann Carrington from 6th – 29th October.

The exhibition showcases over thirty pieces of Carrington’s work, including Sheng Fa Wave, a galleon created with strings of faux pearls, set to sail on a tangled sea of wedding tiaras, chokers and earrings. Super-sized coins, hand-sewn postage stamps, intricate spider’s webs and striking bouquets magically sculpted from silver cutlery also all feature as part of the brilliant collection.

The use of discarded, found and multiples of objects is a fundamental element of Ann Carrington’s practice. All objects are saturated with cultural meaning, which she seeks to explore, unravel and investigate. Mundane objects such as knives, forks, barbed wire, pins and paintbrushes come with their ready-made histories and associations which can be deconstructed and analysed to give them new meaning as sculpture. Materials are merged with form to tell a story through objects which are familiar to us all.

A former sculpture graduate from the Royal College of Art, Ann has secured an international reputation with clients and collectors, who include The Victoria & Albert Museum, The United Nations, Rothschild Collection, Royal Mail, Elton John, Sir Paul Smith, Issey Miyake and Gwyneth Paltrow, to name but a few.

Ann Carrigton says of the exhibition, “Nothing is as it seems, look closer and you will see the postage stamps are hand sewn from pearl buttons, the classical busts carved from crushed drinks cans and feather headdresses woven from coat hangers – material choices that serve as a reminder that beneath the gleaming surface there is a story waiting to be unravelled”.

The Tussie-Mussie exhibition is being shown at Linley, 60 Pimlico Road, SW1W 8LP from 6th – 29th October.