The exhibition at Joanna Wood is Clover Godsal’s first solo exhibition.

Clover Godsal grew up in West London in a large, loving eccentric family of seven. She read Arabic and Middle Eastern studies at Cambridge before studying at the College of Fine Art in Cairo, Egypt.

She now lives and works in Harringay in North London, and rents a shared studio space in Wood Green. Clover’s art-making process is personal and concerns her immediate world; she paints her friends, heroes, the landscapes she grew up in, her everyday. She is driven by a strange need to document and pay tribute to things she sees and feels. Clover is currently studying and working part-time at the Essential School of Painting.

Visit Joanna Wood at 57 Elizabeth Street to see more of Godsal’s work.

Lee Krasner Smoking

Framed Oil Painting

Dimensions: 49cm x 66cm


Virginia Woolf

Mounted Drawing

Dimensions: 40cm x 52cm