Channel your inner queen with a rose-themed, seasonal workshop in the sensory arts of flower arranging and perfume making at the Judith Blacklock Flower School.

Allow Judith Blacklock to inspire you in this hands on, interactive session embracing the artistry of arranging fresh flowers and creating your own botanical perfume in a relaxed, informal setting.

A timeless symbol of love, the rose is famed throughout the centuries for its variety, beauty and fragrance.  Utilised in medicine, culture, the culinary and fragrant arts; its influence has and continues to pervade all areas of our public and private lives.

Discover the origins of perfumery and draw on the seasonal beauty of the rose in this immersive workshop with Tanya Moulding, aka The Perfume Mistress and Judith Blacklock. Blending your own botanical perfume, you will harness inspiration from Tanya’s incredible wealth of expertise.

You will learn about the key ingredients in perfume creation and how they are best combined. There will be lots of sampling and discussion and you will be guided through basic perfumery composition, so that you can create your own unique rose-inspired fragrance.

To complete the day, Judith will run a floristry workshop showing you how to create a stunning floral posy using beautiful fragrant flowers and foliage. You will be taught how to choose the freshest and loveliest flowers and how to care for them so that they last to their full potential.

At the end of the workshop you’ll be able to take your floral posy and perfume home with you.

The workshop runs from 10.30am – 15.45pm on 2nd September, tickets are priced at £280. For more information and to book your place click here.