What is B Corp?

B Corp is a certification that businesses are awarded when they strive and commit to meeting the highest possible standards of accountability within their practise and day to day running.

It’s split into categories that measure various topics such as, customer profiles, transparency and most importantly to us, environmental performance and care.

Taking into consideration carbon usage, manufacturing and production, staff benefits and the willingness to bare all to achieve the award, B Corp is essentially a way in which companies can show to the world that they are doing what they can to better the quality of life for employees, build communities and relationships around their brand and as we said before, most integrally, making the world a safer place to be by promoting a circular and sustainable product or service that betters people and planet.

Edward Bulmer Natural Paint use no plastic in their wall paint, it is mixed using mineral and earth pigments and made to order in Herefordshire by their team and can be delivered to your door the very next day, meaning there is no surplus product sitting lonely on the shelves. Edward Bulmer customers are their community and they are proud to call them their friends and allies too, helping to carry the torch to show that paint need not be filled with petrochemicals and plastic, there IS another way, a safer way that won’t interrupt our oceans, be poured into landfill or spoil in large batches in the hardware stores.

Visit Edward Bulmer at 194 Ebury Street to have a chat with one of their colour experts, book a Colour Consultancy or buy a few Sample Pots to take home and try for yourselves, they can’t wait to meet you!

What does it mean to Edward Bulmer?

Edward Bulmer are thrilled to announce their B Corp status and want it to be known that it isn’t something they take lightly.

B Corp is another step along the ESG  (Environmental, Social, and Governance) path for Edward Bulmer Natural Paint. The social and governance aspects are both solid foundations and important pillars of a good business, but it is the environmental factors that are more difficult to attain and it is these which they hold at the core of our business.

It’s important to keep talking and interacting on the subjects that quite frankly, can be uncomfortable to discuss, be it fossil fuels, plastics, or pollution. B Corp has allowed Edward Bulmer to keep pushing the narrative within business and industry – from how they can get the most out of their platforms and inform their customers, to how they can make the working environment the best it can possibly be.

The triple bottom line is this, their focus is people and planet over profit.  Edward Bulmber are looking forward to being as dedicated in the future as they have been since we started mixing paint on the farm in Herefordshire, which is where their paints are mixed to this day.

They may have the certificate but there is still a long way to go and they are looking forward to striving for ongoing improvement. Read more.

‘In an increasingly polarised world, if you are not seen as mainstream, you seem extreme. We do business ‘not as usual’ and so to be recognised by a benchmark that states that business needs to up its game is really heartening. B Corp was set up in the US to encourage every business to ‘Be a Better Corporation’.

It is now a globally recognised certification, but as yet only a minority of companies meet its criteria. We should mind about this because all B Corp is requiring is that a business is a benefit to society by avoiding as many negative impacts as possible and by aiming to create positive ones! Profit yes, but only when it works for people and planet.

We are very happy to be judged by B Corp and genuinely hope that it becomes the norm for all sensible businesses to join us and its 6000 members worldwide.’ – Edward Bulmer