Nature has always been an integral influence on Catherine Best’s designs, and Flutter On By
celebrates the wonder of beautiful butterflies and dragonflies. A truly mesmerising example of
their designer’s and jeweller’s excellence and attention to detail, this enchanting piece has taken
hundreds of hours of meticulous craftsmanship to create the intricate design reminiscent of a
sun-drenched walk through a flower-filled meadow.

Butterflies and dragonflies flutter from panel to panel in this 18ct white gold necklace, sculpting a story of a thriving ecosystem within this necklace. This unique collar features accent Diamonds for that flash of brilliance, and every wing adds a burst of vibrant blue.

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An ancient art bought back to life

To give each wing its rich colour, the jeweller used vitreous enamel, created by applying heat to four different layers of powdered glass which fuses it with the metal. The goldsmith delicately engraved the metal before applying the enamel to add a life-like texture and multiple shades of blue were blended to create the wings stunning colour gradient.

Enamelling is an ancient art that dates back to the Egyptian and Greek empires. From Tutankhamun’s glittering mask to the finest Russian filigree, enamel has brought colour and wonder to humankind through the ages. Today, the artisans at Catherine Best embrace this enchanting technique to bring Flutter On By to life.