May 15, 1773 – June 11, 1859
44 Eaton Square


In Koblenz, a city in central Germany. The son of a diplomat, he quickly established himself as a public figure with a series of senior diplomatic posts. He was made a prince of the Austrian empire in 1813 and became chancellor in 1821.

Famous for

Being at the epicentre of European political affairs. He oversaw the formation of a new European balance of power, a system that collapsed in a series of revolutionary movements across Europe in 1848.


Following the collapse, Metternich fled Vienna and arrived in London in April 1848, moving to Eaton Square the following month. Visitors to his home included the likes of Benjamin Disraeli and the Duke of Wellington.


In Vienna, aged 86. He returned to Austria in 1851 after promising that he would not interfere with public affairs.