From the rooftop terrace restaurant of Pantechnicon, to the hairdresser’s chair of Hershesons and the plethora of shops on Elizabeth, Motcomb Street and beyond, follow Jessica Diner as she spends the day in SW1…

I am a beauty journalist by day, but a dress obsessive and coffee lover in my heart – and it was my heart that led me to Belgravia London to spend the day surrounded by and indulging in my favourite things. 

Days don’t start better than with a flat white on Pantechnicon’s rooftop restaurant on Motcomb Street (closely followed by picking up a second coffee from Café Kitsune while browsing all the beautifully curated beauty and lifestyle goods at the Studio store on the ground floor on the way out), and means that the priority of the day’s caffeination is taken care of. 

Beauty-wise, the new Hershesons salon has become a staple for beauty aficionados. Celebrated not just for its best-in-class blow-dries and haircuts, but also for the cherry-picked experts they also have on site: the talented DryBy London nail techs, The Sarah Bradden Method facials (these are a big deal) and Brows by Suman, there is something for all your beauty needs housed under one supremely chic blue-branded roof. 

And then there is the shopping – ohhh, the shopping. Anna Mason’s Atelier in Grosvenor Crescent Mews has to be one of the most sublime stores and event spaces in central London. So thoughtfully and tastefully done, what is on her rails are all covetable pieces for life. Onto Elizabeth Street, where NRBY Clothing and ME+EM were my go-tos for picking up everyday essentials, with some extra time spent at Yolke and Beulah for some dress-up inspiration for the season’s forthcoming events. 

If you are thinking of a way to pass a weekend, be sure to make it Belgravia.

Love, Jess xx