KOUB, the esteemed Emirati coffee house known for seamlessly blending the rich tapestry of Emirati heritage with global coffee traditions, is proud to announce its expansion to the heart of London in March 2024. 

Established in 2020, KOUB has quickly become a beacon of excellence in the specialty coffee realm, drawing inspiration from the fusion of old and new. Rooted in the preservation of local Emirati heritage, KOUB takes patrons on a sensory journey around the world, experiencing diverse flavours, aromas, and traditions with each sip of their meticulously crafted coffee. The name "KOUB," derived from the Arabic word for cup ( كوب ), encapsulates the essence of this innovative concept. At KOUB, the commitment lies in creating an unparalleled experience that pays homage to Emirati heritage while embracing the modern art of speciality coffee.

KOUB is not just a coffee house; it's a destination for those seeking an extraordinary coffee experience. Whether you prefer a steaming hot brew or a refreshing cold cup, KOUB guarantees a moment of pleasure with every sip. As part of the Wacup family, KOUB inherits a legacy of excellence, with Wacup winning the title of the best coffee in the Emirate of Ajman, UAE, in 2020, thanks to overwhelming audience votes.

With two thriving locations in the United Arab Emirates – one in the vibrant city of Dubai and another in the Heritage District of Ajman – KOUB has left an indelible mark on the local coffee scene. The success of the Dubai EXPO 2020 location has propelled KOUB onto the global stage, amassing a loyal following and inspiring the expansion into London. In addition to our established locations in the UAE, KOUB is thrilled to announce its upcoming presence in the heart of London. Opening its doors in March 2024, the new KOUB location will be situated on Elizabeth Street in Belgravia. This strategic location in one of London's most prestigious neighbourhoods further exemplifies KOUB's commitment to bringing a fusion of Emirati heritage and global coffee culture to a diverse and discerning audience.

Opening Hours

 9:00am - 6:00pm


23 Elizabeth Street, London. SW1W 9RP