Carolina Bucci

Carolina Bucci is a jewellery designer whose creations are synonymous with a modern and effortless sense of luxury, who has redefined fine jewellery and how it should be worn today. Carolina offers a vibrant re-invention of the Bucci family’s Italian heritage, coupled with contemporary inspirations from the designer’s life and travels.


22 Motcomb Street, London

Phone Number

020 7838 9977

As a fourth generation jeweller, Carolina has frequently turned to her family’s past and the traditional goldsmith know-how for inspiration. Working with the same techniques and tools used by her great-grandfather, the designer continues to explore new methods of her craft, creating unique pieces that combine Florentine artisanship with a distinctly hip and modern sensibility.

The “Florentine” Finish is a technique often found in Carolina’s designs and is an example of how the jeweller has taken a historical craft and applied it to her own contemporary designs. The effect is achieved by hammering the gold with a diamond-tipped tool; leaving permanent faceted indentations in the metal and giving it a natural sparkly finish as if it were covered in thousands of tiny precious stones. Another jewellery technique that has been mastered is seen in the Woven collection. Pieces of which are worked by hand on a loom that dates back to the Renaissance and is traditionally used to weave Florentine textiles.

Personal stories, memories and experiences are intertwined with each of Carolina’s designs. Nostalgic memories of braiding friendship bracelets with her sister on Forte dei Marmi beach led her to design her debut collection, whilst her most recent Fine Jewellery collection looks to the future Bucci generation for inspiration. A myriad of semi-precious colour stone beads, Forte Beads draws reference from the simple beaded bracelets Carolina and her children spent hours crafting during summer holidays.

The brand continues to collaborate with Swiss watchmaker Audemars Piguet by reimagining the iconic Royal Oak ladies watch in the signature Carolina Bucci Florentine Finish.

Located on 22 Motcomb Street London, the flagship store is a true embodiment of Carolina’s world and allows the designer to showcase her new collaborative series that extends beyond the world of Fine Jewellery yet takes design cues from Carolina Bucci’s references of inspiration. Highlights include work with a storied Murano glass manufacture and a series of marble bookends and paperweights that link the world of Florence to the ancient caves at Carrara.

This newfound focus for Carolina has been created to mirror the ethos of the brand’s jewellery collection. Passionate about Italian craft and for the handmade, Carolina is devoted to preserving these unique skills by overseeing craft initiatives and apprenticeship programmes in Florence. This sustainability of craft remains an integral part of the Carolina Bucci brand and everything she does.