Keep scrolling to discover the workshops Pantechnicon have lined up this summer, there’s something for all the family to enjoy!

Origami Art Workshops for children

On 17th August, Pantechnicon is hosting a special art workshop for children with artist Miwa Takabayashi. Using ‘Happy Origami’ kits from Japan each child will make three cute origami animals to take home. The art of origami-making has been taught to children in Japan for generations to expand imagination and heighten concentration. By playing with folded patterns and symmetry, they can learn about aspects of maths, geometry and design.

Suggested for children aged 5-10 years old. Tickets are free. More information can be found here


Ceramics workshops for children

Designed especially for younger visitors, Pantechnicon is running ceramics workshops for children on Wednesday 18th August. Participants will be guided by experienced ceramics teacher Akiko Matsuda to make animal-shaped plant pots, figurines and pinch pots from terracotta.

Suggested for children aged 5-10 years old. Tickets £40 per child. Book at


Sake & Cheese Pairing Workshops

Learn about the unlikely pairing of sake and cheese in a workshop with Pantechnicon and The Fine Cheese Co. on 22nd September. Sake has proven to be a versatile partner for a plethora of cheese varieties, and now you can get a live taste at Pantechnicon. Guided by Pantechnicon’s Japanese drinks curator, Natsuki Kikuya, you’ll try six sakes in a range of styles – sparkling, junmai, ginjo, kimoto, muroka genshu and aged. Each will be paired with a mix of goat, sheep and cow cheeses, introduced by Jason Donnelly, cheese expert at The Fine Cheese Co.

Tickets cost £65 per person. Receive 10% off your tickets when you use the code BELGRAVIA10. Book at


Ceramics workshops

Make your own pair of tea or sake cups in this ceramics workshop with Akiko Matsuda. Learn how to hand-build your own ceramic wares, get your hands dirty and walk away with the satisfaction that you’ve created something you can use every day. During this workshop on Wednesday 11th August, you will learn the basics of hand-building with clay; pinching, coiling and joining, to create either two teacups, two sake cups, or one of each.

Tickets cost £70 per person. Book at