There’s never been a better time to take care of mind, body and soul.  So why not treat yourself to a class that will get your endorphins racing? Whether you’re looking to re-acquaint yourself with self-care or you’ve decided that now’s the time to get some positive practices into your life, you’ll find the very best gyms in Belgravia. Ready, Set, Go…


Hot Pod Yoga

Heat Therapy

Breathe deeper, stretch further, sweat harder.  This mantra from Hot Pod Yoga will get your body working and take you through a balanced flow of active and passive postures to align body and mind perfectly.  Learn how to heat up and deeply relax to melt your cares away. 19 Eccleston Yard, London SW1W 9AZ


White Room Fitness

This time it’s personal

This luxury private gym is an oasis of space and light – which works on your senses to stimulate and motivate, making working out a personal journey to fitness success rather than a chore.  Under expert guidance of highly skilled trainers, you’ll be able to take yourself in hand and discover more about your capabilities than even you knew was possible.  There is a plethora of programmes including running, weight loss, body change and transformation (an elixir of a course lasting 7 to 12 weeks, designed to achieve a complete change in appearance and health, combining a regime of exercise and nutrition). For anyone who ‘doesn’t do’ gyms, White Room will change your whole mind-set. 54B Ebury St, London SW1W 0LU



Bootcamp bliss

If you love a fitness challenge, then head to Barry’s London.  The bootcamp has been putting A-listers, Olympic athletes and brave individuals through their paces for over 20 years and has been described as ‘The Best Workout in the World’.  Their innovative techniques are designed to ‘shock’ the body, which promotes muscle build and weight loss.  Choose from strength, interval and cardio workouts.  Come and try the Real Deal classes in the Red Room.  Known by regulars as the studio where the hustle is, the combination of lights, music and ambiance are so fun, you’ll forget that you’re working out! 16 Eccleston Yard, London SW1W 9AZ 


The Light Centre

Spiritual illumination

The Light Centre is London’s leading holistic wellbeing centre and offers a range of complementary therapies that are sure to help to connect you with you.  With everything from Yoga, Pilates and Morning Mysore Asthana mat classes to mindfulness, osteopathy, nutrition, life coaching and counselling offerings, you’ll be spoilt for choice.  Once you try it, you’ll be hooked.   9 Eccleston Street, London SW1W 9LX