For beginners who have taken up running during lockdown, or for the marathon runners gearing up for the 26 mile race in October, understanding your gait has never been more important, and Eccleston Yards’ Run and Become are here to help.

Your gait is your manner of moving on foot. While everyone gets from point A to point B a little differently, understanding your gait and where you fall on the scale can be a useful tool for helping you run more adeptly.

Running gait is broken down into three types of pronation, or how your foot strikes the ground:

  • Neutral/normal pronation is when your foot comes in complete contact with the ground, rolling inward about 15 percent to absorb shock
  • Underpronation or supination is when the outer part of your heel hits the ground first, and your foot rolls inward at less than 15 percent
  • Overpronation occurs when your foot rolls inward more than 15 percent, which can cause stability issues with your foot and ankle.

It’s helpful to have an understanding of your gait, so that you can choose the right running shoe as it will affect which shoes will enhance your performance.

As their bricks-and-mortar stores are temporarily closed, Run and Become have come up with a brand new way of assessing your gait via a simple 5 step process:

  • Step 1: Three short videos – ask your household member to film three short videos of you completely bending knees exercises
  • Step 2: Three photos of your trainers – take three different photos of the shoes you ran/walked in during the video test above
  • Step 3: Measure Your Feet
  • Step 4: Send your videos, photos and foot measurement to Run and Become on Whatsapp
  • Step 5: Receive a phone call from Run and Become – based on the videos and phots you’ve sent them, they will analyse your gait carefully and phone you to complete the online gait analysis. Once they find you your perfect running shoes, they will process the order over the phone and post your shoes to you free of charge.

For full details of the gait analysis, head over to Run and Become’s website.
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