Let’s face it, we could all be doing a better job for the planet, but where to begin? Look no further than Belgravia, where you’ll find all that your heart desires when it comes to retailers and restauranteurs who love the planet and want to share sustainability far and wide. Whether you’re all about the green or you just want to start making more sustainable choices, visit our neighbourhood to find out more.

Food shopping and dining

Bayley & Sage

Healthy planet

Bayley & Sage is community food shopping at its finest. Jennie, who had the brain child thirteen years ago and now has outposts all over London, is passionate about selling great food.  In Belgravia, the store has a true village-like atmosphere and they’ve created several own label products, including an extra virgin olive oil, cheese crackers, a selection of wines and their very own Bayley Blue cheese.   Their ethos is all about sustainability. There are money off incentives for returning Bayley & Sage shopping bags and 90% of their packaging is either recyclable, bio-degradable or bio compostable – returning to the soil after about 50 days.  You can also use their water filter to fill your flask for free and if you leave a voluntary contribution in the box next to the filter, it goes to One Less – a charity devoted to reducing the amount of single use plastic bottles.  Their disposable cutlery is also made from potato starch and is 100% compostable. 41 Ebury Street, SW1W 9QW  www.bayley-sage.co.uk

Daylesford Organic

Good living – one dish at a time

Your health is your wealth and here at Daylesford Organic – a farm shop and café, that mantra has never been truer.  All dishes are freshly made by hand and give a vigorous nod to the very best of seasonal produce available from their organic farm, Market Garden, Bakery and Creamery.  Breakfast treats include creamed mushrooms on sourdough and smoked haddock omelette and or more than 40 years, Daylesford really has been one of the most pioneering and sustainable farms in the UK.  Holding themselves accountable for their ethical and environmental standards, they grow and raise animals with the greatest care and consideration, in a way that respects the environment.   Their core believe – eating seasonal, local and organic food that nourishes and follows the year’s natural rhythms is a win win – best for the future of our planet and better for our wellbeing too. You can also join them at #bethechange. It’s first come first served for breakfast, brunch, lunch and supper so the early bird catches the organic dish. Pimlico Road, SW1W 8LP. www.daylesford.com

The Pantechnicon

Wake up to taste

The Pantechnicon is five floors of discovery, with restaurants, cafes and shops mixing the cooking styles and lifestyle concepts of Japan and the Nordic nations.  Simple, functional, sustainable and beautifully crafted is a way of life and you can shop for a variety of artisanal products including nostalgic furniture, intricate jewellery, ceramics and fashion accessories.  Born out of an idea by Barry Hirst, co-founder of a number of gastro pubs including the Thomas Cubitt in Belgravia and his love of all things Japanese and Nordic, this is his tribute to the ‘less is more approach’ to life, which leads to less chaos and more harmony.  The brand has sustainability in its DNA – striving to live by and champion sustainable practices and ethical food production.  They use biodegradable packaging wherever possible:  their drinking straws are made from wheat, their vegetables are delivered in reusable crates and water is bottled using Nordaq – which is a patented filtration system from Sweden.  Any plastic packaging from suppliers is 100% recycled.

At their restaurants and cafes, the chefs use vegetables, which are sourced from farms in the south east of England, which means that food miles are kept to a minimum and their Swedish bakers deliver their rye bread by bike – that’s sustainable food miles in action.   All meat apart from their Japanese Wagyu beef is ethically and organically reared in the north of England and their fish is sourced from ethical suppliers (trout rather than salmon, for example) and line caught fish from a Cornish supplier, which only takes catches from GPS-tracked fishing boats.19 Motcomb Street, SW1X 8LB www.pantechnicon.com




Clothes to last a lifetime

NRBY Clothing is all about responding to the environment and the way to live – today.  Having worked in women’s fashion for almost three decades, Jo Hooper knows a little bit about how our lives have changed.  She has always been attracted to the Japanese concept of ‘one mile wear’ – comfortable clothing worn within a one-mile radius of your home and has seen how our attitudes towards clothing has changed – with more women than ever working from home or part time.  NRBY is a wonderful solution – with great pieces in beautiful fabrics that will carry through your day – both close to home and nearby.

Everything that they sell is created by a small number of expert, often family owned business in India, China and Portugal and these relationships have been built over quarter of a century. With their ‘Not-So-Fast’ approach underpinning everything they do, their fabrics are biodegradable – meaning that at the end of their life cycle, they can re-enter the ecosystem, with their viscose sourced from wood fibres in an environmentally friendly way.  Since 2019, they have also been working with what the industry calls ‘dead stock’, which is leftover or cancelled fabric that may have collected dust in a factory or mill warehouse – had not companies like NRBY stepped in.  A super- efficient way of creative problem solving, instead of adding to the supply chain they are working with fabrics that would otherwise have been wasted.  What’s not to love? 34 Elizabeth St, SW1W 9NZ www.nrbyclothing.com



Time rich

A leader in the fight to promote the campaign for Zero Environmental Impact salons as part of their commitment to sustainability, Issy’s core believe is that beauty should be as kind as it can be.  They have partnered with Davines, who produce ethical, fully recyclable products that utilise high-grade natural ingredients which result in less damage to you and the planet.

Issy’s understands the importance of time and convenience.  With everyone on-the-go all of the time, it can be difficult to find a moment to yourself – but Issy’s understands that you can streamline rather than skip me-time moments altogether.  With opening times that fit with the busy woman in mind (open from 8am or earlier on request) and later closing, they also offer home visits.   So, whatever hair treatment or service you choose, relax in the knowledge that it will be as enjoyable and time efficient as it is environmentally friendly. 36 Elizabeth St, SW1W 9NZ www.issyshair.co.uk


Pulbrook & Gould

The language of flowers

Pulbrook & Gould is the florist to choose when you’re looking for adventurous floral works of art.  Founded in 1956 by Susan Lady Pulbrook and Rosamund Gould, a Constance Spry (florist, educator and author) trained florist, they have established a reputation for creating incredible floral displays with the beauty of an English country garden at the core of their inspiration.  Committed to sustainable floristry, they work predominantly with British grown flowers and natural materials and have become the first retailer to sign a new ‘green’ lease which aims at driving down carbon emissions, improving air quality and reducing its environmental footprint over the Belgravia and Mayfair neighbourhoods. 42 Buckingham Palace Road, SW1W 0RE. www.pulbrookandgould.co.uk