With the help of Belgravia’s Moyses Stevens, we’re bringing the colourful hues of spring into your home. As we celebrate National Gardening Week (April 27 – 3 May), the floral experts of Elizabeth Street have shared four simple tips for arranging the perfect Instagrammable bouquet of tulips.

Step 1

First thing’s first, cut the stems back of extra leaves so that they are left exposed in the vase. To keep the flower membrane healthy and encourage growth, curl the leaf away from the stem rather than stripping them down the stem. A simple pinch, snap and pull away technique protects the tulips and will ensure they stay fresh for longer.

Step 2

Tulips are beautiful flowers but can droop a little, so if you prefer yours to stand tall, simply take a needle or pin to a finger’s width below the head of the tulip and insert all the way through. This allows air to travel up the stem and escape.

Step 3

The key to getting that beautiful spiral effect in the vase is how the stems are arranged together. Place every stem in the hand individually, with each stem placed on a diagonal in the hand, layering one across the other to create this lovely spiral effect. To give the bouquet even more interest, when placing the final few flowers in the hand, place them so the head of the tulip is lower than the main bouquet. This will mean that the bouquet will display as a more rounded floral arrangement and create more body and depth.

Step 4

Tulips are a spring bulb and will continue to grow in the vase, so it’s really important to make sure they are sitting lower than you might think they need to. Allow for that growth and overspill from the vase by recutting the flowers with this in mind.

And there you have it, the perfect tulip arrangement to bring the spring season inside! To see a demonstration, head over to Moyses Stevens’ Instagram and for even more floral inspiration from Belgravia, head to Judith Blacklock’s website.

Image: Judith Blacklock Flower School