Miabella Ristorp, founder of SMUK, in Eccleston Yards, brings us inside her hair and beauty parlour.  With insight on how she started her business in Belgravia, what makes SMUK so unique in the beauty scene and tips for achieving salon finish hair and beauty from home.




Tell us a brief history of your journey as a stylist and how it all began for SMUK?

I’ve been in the hair and makeup industry for more than 18 years. With a background of education and fashion I decided to start SMUK London in 2018. The purpose was to create an experience for women where they can look and feel beautiful. With sustainability being a strong passion of mine, I wanted to create a safe space where health and nature is in focus.

What are your plans for the future?

The opportunities are endless in our industry, but education for me is key. I would like to educate women even more on natural beauty. Whether it’s one to one appointments with myself or a team member, or hosting natural beauty events, workshops and panel talks… When the time will allow it again.

How long has SMUK been based in Belgravia and what makes it special for you?

SMUK opened in Eccleston Yards in March 2018. It is special for me to have a beauty space in the heart of Belgravia which is one of my favourite parts of London. I’m excited to share my beauty knowledge with my team and clients and I’m proud to be able to offer our clientele the most natural experience in hair.


What makes SMUK unique?

SMUK is unique as we are all unique individuals. We have no package solutions and every client is treated with a tailor-made appointment that works specifically for them. We use all natural and organic products which I believe is the way forward when looking after our health and well-being.

What are your top haircare and beauty tips at home?

Treatments and less heat styling.
Using a high quality hair treatment/mask once a week really makes a difference. Making buns, twists or braids is a really healthy way to create natural beach waves at home.  Check out our Instagram where, in an easy step by step IGTV, we take you through how to achieve the perfect braided bun from home.

What are you most excited about for reopening?

To see the happy faces of my team and our lovely clients. We know we are not going to return back to normal straight away, but helping women to feel better about themselves always makes me smile.