Genevieve Tawiah trained at Manchester Metropolitan University, and qualified as a physiotherapist in 2015. She is passionate about improving her patients’ awareness and understanding of their body, and takes a team approach with them in aim of optimising their recovery journey. Specialising in the performing arts industry, she has specialist training in vocal physiotherapy for individuals struggling with vocal fatigue, loss of vocal range, or loss of vocal quality, and also offers jaw physiotherapy for individuals struggling with pain, tightness, reduced range, clicking or locking episodes. Here, we chatted to Genevieve about the benefits of her specialities and how she works with patients…

Tell us a little about the specialist treatments/ classes you offer, and if they’re in person or online, or both?

I am a performing arts physio, treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions inclusive of treatments for the jaw and treatments to optimise quality and sound of the speaking and singing voice. I take online sessions as well as in person appointments, and usually operate from the Light Centre – Belgravia on a Tuesday – but do pop up on other days subject to demand.

What does the client gain from each session? 

The benefits vary dependant on the issue that they present with in clinic. I always strive to give my patients a new found awareness of their bodies – an understanding for what their pain or problem means for them, and set out goals in order to help them achieve a better quality of life, or better quality of performance, subject to their wants and needs.

How and where did you train/ get your experience?

I have various training – I studied physiotherapy in Manchester to attain my degree, but know the importance of continued professional development. I have taken time over the years to gain a sports massage qualification, experience in cupping therapy, medical acupuncture, taping and strapping, spinal manipulation, yoga as therapy, polestar reformer and mat pilates and more. All of this is with aim of providing my patients the most choice and variety in their treatments, and cater to their interests as they attend in their journey of recovery.

What is it about the treatments that you offer that you believe makes them stand out?

My ethos is, I always take a team approach. It’s not about the treatment I give, it’s about the team I create with my patient’s. A shared motivation to get them towards their goals, and a personalised understanding of what it means to them to get themselves there, with attention to their interests, and care to liase with any other professionals involved in their care.

What do you love about working with the Light Centre?

The Light Centre provides a calm and spacious environment, that feels like a comforting space – away from the hustle and bustle of London life. It helps you come in ready to slow down and give my patients that space and mindset to look inwards as they come in for their self care time.

Book an appointment with Genevieve Tawiah via the Light Centre here or call 020 7881 0728.

Light Centre, 9 Eccleston Street, London SW1W 9LX 

Getting There: The Light Centre is a five minute walk from Victoria train and tube station.