Maria Ensabella, Founder, LondonCryo, talks about her Belgravia


Wellbeing has never been as important as it is now. But for Maria Ensabella, founder of LondonCryo in Eccleston Yards, the practice of keeping fit and healthy, mind body and soul, has always been of paramount importance.

A native Australian, who made her home in London, working in the city, she has always been hugely interested in health and fitness and whilst indulging her six day a week training habit, started noticing that she wasn’t recovering from her sessions as quickly as she used to.   After trying whole body Cryotherapy whilst visiting New York, she was hooked.

Cryotherapy literally means cold therapy and is a technique where the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for a short time.  After giving Whole Body Cryotherapy a go, she found that not only was her body healing more quickly from sports injuries, but she was also feeling happier, calmer and more clear-headed because the treatment also helps to release endorphins – feel good hormones.

When she returned home to London, Maria noticed that she found it hard to continue her treatments and so, LondonCryo was born – the first Whole Body Cryotherapy centre in the City of London.


The second centre is situated in Eccleston Yards, Belgravia and offers a variety of treatments including Whole Body Cryotherapy, vitamin drips and shots and infrared saunas and that’s just the beginning.  The team offers a range of services dedicated to boosting the immune system as well as dealing with injuries, sports recovery and pain relief.  They also provide non-invasive toning, slimming and age-defying treatments for face and body.

Maria made her home in Belgravia over 15 years ago, so she’s watched the area evolve into what it is today – one of the most special enclaves in London.

Her perfect day will start with a 6am class at neighbouring Barry’s in Eccleston Yards before starting her day at LondonCryo, where she’ll often take a dose of her own medicine and have a session of Whole Body Cryotherapy to boost energy levels.

For a lunchtime treat, you’ll find her in The Jones Family Kitchen, renowned for its locally sourced dishes.  For coffee, her personal favourite is Morena, for a high octane Columbian brew and on Sundays, she can’t think of anything better than lunch with the family at cosy gastropub The Thomas Cubitt followed by an artisanal gelato at Olivogelo – the last word in traditional Sardinian inspired ice-cream.


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