Mindful minute

What’s become clear throughout this pandemic is the need for self-care, mindfulness and a general wellbeing check and we want to bring that to you, regardless of location. This month Eccleston Yards is launching their first Virtual Wellness Festival from 24-26 July, bringing the much-loved wellness offering of the yards to the living rooms of anyone and everyone across the country.

Whilst the schedule is still being firmed up, we’re thrilled to say that retailers hosting sessions across the weekend include Re:mind, LondonCryo, Hotpod Yoga, and MasterPeace. The weekend will be filled with activities that will help you to feel refreshed, revitalised and relaxed.

To keep up to date on all schedule updates and announcements of guest hosts, follow @ecclestonyards on Instagram.

Mindful Minute


Last Summer, @siloulondon, in collaboration with SMUK London, took over Eccleston Yards with some calming outdoor yoga sessions. Here’s a few tips from @phoebegreenacre, Co-Founder of SILOU’s Instagram, to find out how she enjoys taking a Mindful Minute:

  1. Heart Opening Pose

Start kneeling on all fours. Keeping your hips directly over your knees, gently walk your hands forward a few inches, keep active straight arms and allow your forehead to sink to the floor. Excellent for unblocking a heavy heart.


  1. Supported Bridge

Start by laying on your back, feet hip distance apart, and close to your bottom. Lift your hips up to the sky on an inhale, and slide a brick / pillows / support underneath the sacrum. And allow yourself to feel supported by the block. This shape soothes my nervous system and releases any anxiety or tension in my stomach.