Let’s face it, we could all be doing a better job for the planet and with the importance of sustainability in retail growing in importance, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to begin.  Look no further than Belgravia, where you’ll find sustainable retailers and restaurants, who love the planet and want to share their sustainability practices far and wide. 

Sustainable fashion, shopping and dining 

For NRBY, based on Elizabeth Street, which has been lauded as the most instagrammable street in London, fashion is all about responding to the environment and the way we live today.  Having worked in women’s fashion for almost three decades, Jo Hooper was always attracted to the Japanese concept of ‘one mile wear’ – comfortable clothing worn within a one-mile radius of your home –  and has seen how our attitudes towards clothing have changed – with more women than ever working from home or part time. With a focus on fit and natural fabrics. NRBY is all about style not fashion and these irresistibly timeless shapes will last for so much longer – wear after wear.   

Pantechnicon is five floors of discovery, with restaurants and cafes mixing the cooking styles and lifestyle concepts of Japan and the Nordic nations.  Simple, functional, sustainable and beautifully crafted is a way of life and you can shop for a variety of artisanal products including nostalgic furniture, intricate jewellery, ceramics and fashion accessories.   The brand has sustainability in its DNA – striving to live by and champion sustainable practices and ethical food production.  They use biodegradable packaging wherever possible:  their drinking straws are made from wheat, their vegetables are delivered in reusable crates and water is bottled using Nordaq – which is a patented filtration system from Sweden.  Any plastic packaging from suppliers is 100% recycled.  At their restaurants and cafes, the chefs use vegetables, which are sourced from farms in the south east of England, which means that food miles are kept to a minimum and their Swedish bakes deliver their rye bread by bike.   

Sustainable materials

Bernie de Le Cuona is a pioneer of sustainable luxury in interior textiles, and makes it a point to know the origins of all raw materials used, from sourcing the finest natural fibres for fabrics right through to designing fabulous recycled packaging.  Sustainability sits at the centre of her brand identity. Even her flagship store in Pimlico Road is sustainable and was constructed using mostly recycled materials including a large play table and ironwork made from compressed paper.  Come in for fabric inspiration that Bernie has collected from her trips to Africa, India and Europe, with a colour palette inspired by her home of South Africa.

Visit The Odd Chair Company for handmade furniture and crafted upholstery.  A family business, they make sustainable furniture, working with craftspeople and draw upon 100 years of cabinet making and upholstery knowledge – with each piece coming with a 40 year guarantee, because only the highest quality solid timber is used.  With furniture that is built to last a lifetime, what could be more sustainable than that?

Whether you’re all about the green or you just want to start making more sustainable choices, visit Belgravia to find out more.