Bernie de Le Cuona, founder of the eponymous interiors textile brand – de Le Cuona, talks about her brand and Belgravia. 


International brand, de Le Cuona has their London flagship on Pimlico Road, which showcases the most luxurious linens in the world.  Bernie de Le Cuona’s love of travel took her to a variety of exotic locations where she met artisans and fabric experts who inspired her to create a house of the most exquisite fabrics. Soft, textured and embellished with the most distinctive colour palette inspired by Africa, the collections are truly unique and are inspired by her love of linen and attention to detail.  A visit to the Belgravia store on Pimlico Road is to go back in time – discovering some of the most incredible fabrics in the world today.


Tell us a brief history of your brand – how it all began, what you do and your plans for the future.

Just like most companies, de Le Cuona started with just an idea that grew into something more tangible. In 2008/2009, I made the decision to really push the company into the luxury sector, and make vast changes within. We now work with the world’s finest fibres and master craftsmen to produce products that are unique and versatile. We’re also an international brand, with flagship stores in Pimlico Road, a showroom in Chelsea Harbour’s Design Centre and the D&D building in New York. We have representatives in most countries and hope to expand our presence further; both physically and online.

I really want to put more effort into and explore organic collections – we have just launched Pure, our first 100% organic linen collection, but I hope to develop this much further. I’m actually currently working on the second organic collection as we speak!

How long have you been based in Belgravia?

We have been on Pimlico Road for about two years now.

What is your favourite memory/anecdote in/about Belgravia?

Opening the showroom was exciting. It took a look time to complete the project, so opening day was a big celebration for the whole team!

Talk us through your ideal day in Belgravia, where would you visit, eat, drink, shop, workout, relax?

Daylesford next door to our showroom is always great for coffee. La Poule Au Pot, a little French restaurant just to the left of our showroom, has a charming and old fashioned, very 60s ambience. Mainly I just love exploring all the showrooms as there are so many interesting ones around – they all have their own personality which is so exciting, so it’s hard to choose just one! I am looking forward to seeing Fiona Campbell expanding and all the new places that are opening, including Newson’s Yard. I’m very excited about the future of this area in general.

Where is your favourite spot in Belgravia?

It has to be de Le Cuona, downstairs!



What is your commute to Belgravia?

Our head office is based in Windsor so I travel into London by car; it’s the easiest commute in as its just a quick journey on the M4.

What is it that makes Belgravia so unique?

All the specialist shops. Nowhere in London has so many unique brands related to our industry. There’s a huge collection of interior showrooms in Chelsea Harbour but they don’t have the same personalities and ambience that you can find in the Pimlico area. The personality of Belgravia as a whole is just so inspiring.
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