How to make the perfect Valentines bouquet from home Moyses Stevens style!


This year, we have experienced everything from home haircuts, banana bread
baking, Tik Tok videos, loungewear and completing Netflix. As Valentines Day
approaches, its time to add a new trend to the mix… Make your own
Valentines bouquet! How hard can it be you may ask? Well with a little help
from the Moyses Stevens expert florists, very simple!

Follow our Step by Step below:

  • You will need:
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon/String
  • Roses (or alternative large head flowers)
  • Filler flowers (we have use astilbe, astrantia & carnations)
  • Foliages – as many or as little as you like (we have used skimmia & baby blue
  • eucalyptus)

1. First thing first, you need to condition your stems, this means taking off any
greenery that’s going to be below the rim of your vase. This is done to
prolong the life of your bouquet; any greenery in the water can cause the
bouquet to rot.


2. To start your bouquet you want to make yourself a little bunch of flowers &
foliage in one hand, this will become the base for your bouquet.

3. Begin to add in your flowers, after every couple of stems, twist your
bouquet very carefully – this will give you that beautiful ‘florist style’ spiral,
which looks so beautiful in a Vase. Get yourself in the rhythm of adding your
statement flowers, foliage & fillers. Remember there are no rules – You can be
as wild or as neat as you like!

4. Finish your bouquet by adding greenery to the edges, this will neaten it up
and cover any exposed stems.


5. Tie your bouquet by wrapping string around the stems as tightly as you
can, we recommend going around a few times with the ribbon to make the
bouquet extra secure.


6. Finally cut your stems at the same length and place in your vase, you may
find you need to cut more off depending on the shape of the vase! This part
is a little trial and error.

7. Present your partner with the best & most personal handmade bouquet.
They will be extremely impressed with your lockdown bouquet efforts!


Good Luck!
Lots of love,
Moyses Stevens