We went behind the scenes to learn more about the listed property that encapsulates Grosvenor’s sustainable vision.

1. It saves water

One of Grosvenor’s aims with this retrofit was to ensure it made use of sustainable resources throughout. The building has been fitted with rainwater harvesting tanks, which collect water that is used to flush the toilets in all three apartments. A rainwater attenuation tank, which collects rainwater and releases it slowly to prevent flooding and support garden irrigation, has also been incorporated.

2. It helps tenants conserve energy

Each apartment includes an ‘integrated smart building management system’, which not only controls the lighting and front-door access, but also disables the heating system if a window is opened. The panel also includes a device that helps tenants monitor their water, gas and electric consumption. The device employs a traffic-light system that alerts occupiers when they may wish to consider reducing their energy use.

3. It strikes the perfect balance

One of 119’s more innovative features is the ‘phase-change’ material that lines its inner walls. This clever piece of technology retains heat during the day and releases it at night to regulate the temperature inside the property. In winter, the apartments’ high-efficiency boilers, triple glazing, insulation and heat-recovery ventilation system retain that much-needed warmth.

4. It generates green energy

Photovoltaic panels have been fitted to the roof of the building to generate electricity and a solar thermal panel fitted to the closet wing to generate hot water. Meanwhile, high-efficiency LED lighting has been used throughout the apartments to create maximum energy efficiency.

5. It features sustainably sourced furnishings

Careful thought and consideration went into every inch of this retrofit, right down to the splash backs in the kitchens, which are made from recycled glass bottles, and the sustainably sourced bamboo flooring. Where possible, furnishings have been sourced within the UK, often as close to the capital as possible. All furnishings in Apartment One have been sourced using British manufacturers, materials and suppliers.

6. It was designed with specific occupiers in mind

Once tenants start moving in, Grosvenor aims to reduce carbon emissions by 75%, which equates to a 45% energy bill saving compared with a normal specification. This has meant finding tenants who will embrace this target by living sustainably and seeking to get the best out of technology.

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