This summer make sure to visit The Roku Gin Summer Terrace at Pantechnicon, an exceptional Japanese-inspired gin experience in the heart of Belgravia. To celebrate the pop-up bar Pantechnicon is hosting a series of exciting events, keep scrolling to find out more… 

Learn to Make Japanese Takoyaki Street Food 

27th July & 17th August, 11am – 1pm at Sachi, £60 per person

At this family-friendly summer workshop, you will learn to make savoury and sweet takoyaki balls, Japan’s quintessential street food. Led by Japanese chef Atsuko Ikeda, you’ll also be taught to make a dashi broth, the base of an umami rich soup.

Choose from a range of fillings like octopus, kimchi, corn, and cheese to make you own original savoury takoyaki. You’ll also make some pancake balls as a sweet twist on takoyaki. Each guest will make 5 savoury and 5 sweet balls to eat during the class.

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Celebrate the Tanabata Star Festival 

7th August at the Roku Gin Summer Terrace, free 

Each year, the Japanese celebrate the meeting of two stars said to be love-struck deities kept apart by the Milky Way for all but one day of the year. The Tanabata or ‘Star Festival’ is marked by the writing of wishes that are hung on bamboo, classic games, and the dressing in traditional yukata, a summer kimono.

Celebrate the Tanabata ‘Star Festival’ at the Roku Gin Summer Terrace with free yo-yo balloon fishing, kimono dressing for the kids and wish writing. Plus, Japanese street food and shaved ice-cocktails.


Suntory Cocktails & Kokedama Plant Masterclass 

21st & 22nd July, 6pm – 7.30pm at Studio, £55 per person

In this three-part masterclass, you’ll be guided through the House of Suntory trilogy spirits, learn to craft two unique cocktails with Pantechnicon’s head mixologist, and make your own Japanese Kokedama plant with an expert maker.

The masterclass will begin with an introduction to the Suntory trilogy – Haku Vodka, Roku Gin and Toki Whisky. Pantechnicon’s head mixologist, Gento Torigata, will then teach you to make two cocktails using the spirits, which can also be enjoyed during the session. After the drinks, you’ll learn to craft step-by-step a kokedama palm moss ball in recognition of the Japanese love of nature and appreciation of seasons, from which Roku Gin’s botanicals are sourced.

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