MasterPeace will be kicking off @vitality_uk’s Mental Health Awareness Week⁠ with a Mindful Sketching Insta Live Workshop Monday 6th May 6pm

There’s so much research to back the positive power that creative activities can have on our mental & emotional well-being but we know how hard it is to find the time to implement these as daily habits

MasterPeace will be running through their top 3 go-to drawing exercises which can be done from anywhere, at anytime, with as little as a pencil & paper all aimed in their own way at helping you to disconnect from stress & take time to process events & feelings.

⁠Tune into their Insta Live and follow along from home ~ all you’ll need is:
🔖A piece of scrap paper
🖍A mark maker ( different colours are a bonus!)
🎁Any object that you feel connected to

Find there Instagram account here.

MasterPeace will be running their signature ‘Coached Painting Classes: Paint your own Photo’ every evening after work and over the weekend. Inspired by new research revealing the creativity tangibly boosts the mood and can be an effective tool in managing anxiety, their classes promise to offer a moment of creative calm away from an always on-world. Find out more information and their class  schedule here.