Fashion influencer and Instagram sensation Luna De Casanova talks style, social media and her favourite places to hang out in Belgravia

When did you start your Instagram @lunadecasanova?

Like most people, I started casually, posting the occasional photo. It was only when I started to be approached by people saying how much they liked my page that I began to take it more seriously. That was about two years ago. Since then, it has snowballed [Luna now has more than 38,000 followers].

How would you describe your personal style?

I think it is idiosyncratic. I like to mix clothes – new and old; expensive and cheap. I love patterns and am not afraid to combine them. For me, the “look” is important and if that means wearing a man’s jersey with a Dior skirt, so be it.

Which designers do you admire most?

That’s a difficult question as there are so many. I was a huge admirer of Karl Lagerfeld for his creative energy and also his work ethic. He will be impossible to replace. I love Jean Paul Gaultier, John Galliano and Alexander McQueen for their exuberance, I admire Raf Simons and Hedi Slimane for their tailored cuts, and I’m a big Stephane Rolland fan. I am lucky enough to be approached by some of them.

What are your favourite accounts to follow on Instagram?

I don’t follow many accounts. I try to communicate with my followers as much as I can and once that is done, it doesn’t leave much time for following others.

How do you feel about influencers who use heavy filters or have ‘tweakments’?

I have no problem with people wanting to try to improve their appearance later in life with some minor surgery. I think, however, that the pressure for younger people to undertake plastic surgery to alter their appearance is wrong. I believe that you should try to age gracefully, delaying any surgery for as long as possible. Similarly, if you use heavy filters on Instagram, who do you think you are fooling?

How do you put together your outfits?

I don’t work with stylists, as I tend to choose the looks in conjunction with a small team that works with me. I think it is quite difficult to project your personality on social media if the looks are being chosen by others. With me, what you see is what you get.

Where do you like to shop in Belgravia?

You mean, apart from Waitrose? I like Elizabeth Street and can’t walk past Mungo & Maud without my dogs stopping. They know there are free biscuits inside. I like 29 Lowndes, The Good Life Eatery, Ottolenghi, Daylesford and, of course, Peggy Porschen.

What is your favourite place to travel to?

I love Italy, particularly the coastline and the people. I am a regular in Portofino, Capri and Ravello. I think it is hard to beat the south of France, whether it is Cap Ferrat, Cap d’Antibes or St Tropez. I like to travel and enjoy visiting both Asia and Africa. I am also a great fan of India.

How do you keep fit?

I am a bit of a fanatic. I do circuit training daily during the week with Steve at The Peak in the Jumeirah [Carlton Tower]. I also do yoga a couple of times a week and walk my dogs several miles every day. Generally, I try not to drive. Partly because I love my dogs, and partly because I like to be out and about.

“I was a huge admirer of Karl Lagerfeld for his creative energy and also his work ethic.”