The Ukrainian Social Club in London is in need of items to support Ukrainian refugees and we are pleased to help promote their efforts.    

If you would like to donate an item from the list below, please drop it off at: 

St Paul’s Knightsbridge, 32a Wilton Pl, SW1X 8SH between 9am – 6.30pm, by Friday 8th April.   


Grosvenor offices at 25 Grosvenor Hill, W1K 3QU between 9am-5.30pm by Wednesday 13th April. 

Thank you for your support.  

Items needed: 

  • No more clothes and shoes (other than military clothing as listed below)    
  • Food (canned, cereals, pasta, dry mixtures, long-lasting baby food)  
  • Medicine (stretchers, antibiotics, medical spirit, hydrogen peroxide, patches, cotton wool, medical harnesses, tourniquets; see more medical equipment below)  
  • Baby nappies, baby wipes, women pads, sudocream, cotton nappies  
  • New or used military clothing and (military boots, helmets, body armour, fire resistant clothes and gloves, big army backpacks)  
  • Batteries, power banks, adapter cords, torches, flashlights, headlights, generators  
  • Sleeping bags, camping/yoga matts, warm blankets,   

Other medical donations:  

  • Hemostatic tourniquet  
  • Bandages: Wrist, shoulder, thigh, ankle, elbow of different sizes and   
  • Different sizes and width bandages  
  • Surgical postoperative patches  
  • Sterile gloves  
  • Celox  
  • Immobilization plates for structures  
  • Postoperative belts  
  • 9.Shank and other collars  
  • Ttutors (gypsum)  
  • Corsets on the lumbosacral region  
  • Water purification tablets  
  • Revision desert locust for army